Sunday, April 4, 2010


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John "Bob Dias" Creeden IIII am not naming anyone. Did it happen or not? Did you wuss out on another fight and kiss ass like you did with Dux? Since you asking for sources I guess it did happen, "Danteist."Creeden, you coward, are you threatening my son under the name Bob Dias? That is reason enough for me to come to Fall River and kick your ass just for the thought you silly-ass, you wimp. But I don't need to, you have enough problems and I believe this is why people always want to kick your stupid ass and watch you back down. Bob Rebello will wipe the floor with your ass and you know it. He is right there, if you were going to do anything you would have already. Bob Dias is already in the Judge Wolf's files, you nitwit. is identified as YOU you, nitwit.You got no reach Creeden, you continue to be delusional. Where my son is he is well looked after and has no reason to fear the likes of you. Don't ever let me see you in person dude, ever. I will take an ass whipping just to smash your punk face for that last one, for even imagining you could casually threaten my son's life, even in jest. You really don't know me Creeden. You have a nice day and stick to playing with little boys and running away. You have never played a man's game anyway. You keep digging that hole Creeden, you are making your own life hell. I wash my hands of you and your illness. Karma will catch up with you, and Karma is really a bitch.Floyd Webb
On Sat, Apr 3, 2010 at 1:59 PM, bob dias> wrote:

By the way, I have it on good authority from my FAll River source that Creeden got caught up in another altercation last week and almost got his ass beat and he backed down and got all ass kissy. Why does this keep happening to this guy?


Name who and when did this happen Floyd. And name your source in Fall River. And how about those filing dates Floyd. You know Floyd that your bullshit is running out..

Lets see if your son get out of France alive, well thats what my sources are telling me Floyd. I know about Joe Rebello and Michael Antunes their beatings are coming really soon.

Your stupid you dont know the origins of the dragons your so stupid and ignorant and my movie is way better than yours.