Monday, March 31, 2008


When me and my friends watched it we laughed our asses off, but dude you must have alot of gay porn around your house to have that amount of gay porn info around you must be gay. Dude I wouldn't even look at gay porn, but for you to edit that and look at those pictures over and over again you must be gay. Oh my god Billy lived with a gay guy , oh my god I'm gonna brake his balls big time. Patricio did you ever touch Billy in his nono's. Wow your a faggot to look at that amount of gay porn.

When i put up Patricio sucks ass, I mean you suck ass gay porn boy. OMG you gay Patricio wow were did you get all that GAY PORN. FAGGOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!JOHN YOU MUST HAVE A LIBRARY OF GAY PORN.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


This guy states he was the teacher to John Keehan. This guys a laugh he'll teach you out of his 1850 pages and 900 full color pages in a nice slideshow. This is his web-site Its nice in away, ok I mean cheap. What I really like is the stealth aircraft flying around the planet. Ok I'll bite what credentials does this guy have. What are they gonna do Like Felkoff coming up with William Jr diploma again knuckleheads. William the father would have flown to Nevada and fuck'in dropped Felkoff right in his tracks.
So check it out another faker, teacher of Keehan my ass. You have to love the cast of characters Floyd Webb has affiliated with some real fakers that real martial artist just laugh at.

The Deadly Poison Hand Tactical Defense of the Shaolin Chuan-Fa Warrior. Multiple Attackers, Knife Defense. Grandmaster James Lee a Shaolin Abbot Warrior Monk advances Joseph Dodaro to Master of Shaolin Chuan-Fa, the Father Art of Shaolin Kempo and Shaolin Kempo Karate. He was the teacher to John Keehan (Count Dante). Grandmaster Hsu, Fun Yuen advances Joseph Dodaro to Master of Tai Ji and Qigong and releases The Deadly Internal Dim Mak Strike which enhances Internal Energy, Power, and Force to create Internal CHI. Grandmaster Koichi Tohei advances Sensei Dodaro to Shoden, Fourth Level of KI Development in Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido. Shihan Fumio Toyoda promotes Sensei Dodaro to Yodan, Fourth Degree Black Belt under Morihei Ueshiba, Hombu Dojo


This guys poison hand is as weak as Ashida Kim. These guys from the International fake BDFS are not reputable martial artists. Were did Felkoff get his Mastership and Day from a cracker jack box. Their not respected by any respectable martial artist. Floyds film gets weaker and weaker by the day when he involves himself with fakes like kim and Felkoff and Day. Their all from Chicago and their weak, the only one's who are respectable are Ray Cooper and Russel Brown.

The story is getting no play with respectable martial arts people. its because everybody who was alive at the time knows that the people in the film are not telling the truth when it comes to the events in Keehans life. Floyds interpretation of a small weak little black boy who meets an Irish Catholic Karate expert. You really have to be an martial artists to tell this story of how he rose to promince and how Chicago killed him and the betrayal of his friends and business associate's in Chicago.

Joe Dorado your Martial artists is weak, are you sure you don't have a diaper under those silk PJ's. Maybe you and Felkoff and Day can change each others diapers. And all you guys can go with Stoffel and they can go beat up some black people in South Africa. So floyd can affiliate himself with South African's who are racists towards African's. Thats fucked up Floyd.


Foley and Hoag sent Ray Peck this letter. Mr Peck gave my father these over chow mein sandwiches in a Chinese restaurant. Mr Peck is the head of probate and family court , see their was amended paper submitted in Probate court. That really pissed Floyd and his lawyers off big time.
See its all about ownership, see Barron and Dwyer, and Felkoff want to cash in in return sales of BDFS and WKF merchandise. Sorry losers thats not going to happen. I wonder if Bob Sandon will be included in the initial disclosures or is that just another bold face lie from Floyd Webb once again. Floyd was saying that their wasn't a total buy out for the book in 1969. But once again Floyd is a liar who makes up stories to benefit himself without an proof what so ever. How come Bob Sandon isn't included in the case, because Floyd Webb lie's. I wonder how Floyd is going to like it when it happens to him.
I got my hand s on a dvd descrambler and I'll reap more profits from this movie than Floyd Webb will. Got a friend who can burn up to 100 dvd at one time. I'm ready for you Floyd. not bad for a "wannabe gangster" right Floyd. Lets see from the black market sales and my court case against you. I'll be reaping at least 35% to 45 % of your profits one way or another. And I can't wait to get a hold of your posters and advertisement's either.
Mr. Peck assured us that Floyd Webb has nothing in Fall River, that they have no grounds and they are desperate to get merchandising. He said once the judge declares that Billy owns the books and the logo's. Floyds going to pay William III one way or another. So Fuck You you wannabe film maker. I've talked to people in Tribeca film festival they never heard of you.

Friday, March 28, 2008


See what Floyd Webb hates is the two things that Billy III has the film footage and the book . These are the major things in Floyd webbs movie . With out the footage and the book his movie suck, well the movie sucks already. Billy and I have the only footage of him in existence and the book WDFS is in his possession for a reason . He Keehan hated the Chicago guys for fuck in him over after the Dojo war. So it ended up in William Jr hands for a reason. So fuck you Floyd, you couldn't deal if you tried you never tried to negotiate.

Keehan was hear and he didn't want to be in Chicago at all, he broke all contact with them. Remember this they all had schools off of Keehans coat tails and they all made money on him .when his image would have ruined their cash registers they couldn't have that. They fucked the guy who made them who they are. In Fall River he was excepted with open arms and a fresh start with 4 established schools here. And all the action was already going on here, so fuck Chicago. Like this Joe Dorodaro we looked at the rolls that Keehan has from 1966 to 1970 and his name never shows up at all. So another Floyd Webb fakes in the BDFS international, Floyd you suck dick just like the rest of you faggot Chicago boys.

Floysd is a little man and he is married we skipped traced him with a P.I. . Not bad for a "wannabe gangster" Floyd Right, Didn't I tell you I'm filing against you in R.I. Federal Court I'll post the JS-44 form against you this week.

Your a racist asshole telling a movie of a racist asshole and their a alot of rascist assholes in Chicago then. So your little film means nothing. Your amature at best.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


This would be the only way you would be in the woods Mr Patricio. Actually the photo is from Anthony Spilitoro and his brothers shallow grave. he was made famous in Casino. He was played by Joe Pescis character he was part of the Hole in the Wall Gang in Chicago. This picture was a corn field in Indiana were him and his brother were baseball batted and buried alive .
They were from Chicago and his father owned Patsy's restaurant in Chicago and was a friend of Keehan named Joey Auiuppa. He Spilitoro was wacked for fuckin around with Frank Rosenthal wife which was played by Robert Di Nero in Casino.


I'm definitely an adventures type person. I'm into climbing and shooting definitely the hero type. I may not type well but I know my way around a GPS better than anyone. As stupid as it sounds I don't like to loose at all, I have a winning attitude even in the face of defeat. You guys if you knew me would definetely would want to go threw a door with me. I've never left a friend behind no were. My friends say you want to be with John when the zombies come. I'm more at home in the wood than behind a stupid computer, and I'll be the first to admit it shows.
My skills were never suppose to be in the cyberworld, I'm old school sorry guys I've actually been on the mat the hard way. While you guys were making movie's and became writers or mail order freaks. Some of us like Dsimon and Verne Gilbert bled old school and Dwyer and Edgell Russel Brown to. How many of you train in the wood I still do and run in my gi in the woods Oyama style. People need fundamentals and to stop running their mouths on line and go to the mat. And that separates the men from the boys in the first exchange.


Come on pussy be a man tell me who you are. I like bad things Ninjoo come on expose yourself. Hey I'll give Floyd some respect for showing some balls, but you your an Ashida crony. You'll go down like a ton of brick's. But I'll bet that I'll have to pay 10,000 dollars. You seem to think that taking down a blog is going to hurt me . I have four unpublished blogs already ready to go up. Thats about as far as you gonna get from me Ninjoo, come on expose yourself. If you have the balls which I now you don't. So run back to your paper master , I hear he's teaching cripples to sword fight. Hahahahahahahahahahahahah


See Ninjoo your a Asshida Kim pussy , they hate you even more on bullshido than me . See I've been a member of Bullshido and a supporting member on that board for about 6 months , you seem to think that I post as Lamokio they don't now it me . I can say whatever I want when I want. Floyd Webb wants to post that I called someone mother in the middle of the night. That's why I am doing what I'm doing. he did that with no proof at all. When he deleted that post it was after he talked to me on June 8 2007. See I was the only one who knew what was going on. Oh ya Charles Kidd and the Dixie Boys were my fathers and Keehans friend. He ran the Fronton's in the South, for dummies its Jai Lai. You fuck with my father you pay. This is what i'm going to do I'm going to get a pre-paid cell phone and put all the recorded conversations from barron and Floyd so you can here the bullshit that they tried to sell.
How come Barron Shepperd and Floyd Webb never went to the cops , because if that happened to my mother . It didn't happen and if it happened to me they would be fuckin dead , I take that shit personally . No women no kids that's the code . So if Floyd doesn't want to take it down hey " you reap what you sew".
Fuck all you guys ,you guys never even met Keehan and Floyd never did either except for one time. You guys have no ball's as men , you don't want to know the truth of Keehan to put him on a pedestal and make him some sort of hero is wrong.
On more thing I never met Patricio never knew him or heard his name, it was Barron Shepperd who told me about 7500 dollars. Why would I make that up when I never heard of the name at all . Then all of a sudden John Patricio gave exclusive Flyer from over 40 years ago to Floyd and starts a board with all this exclusive shit about Keehan. So John Patricio was talking to Floyd Webb in 05 and John Patricio never told Billy Aguiar what he was doing. So the money thing kinda fits.
Also the Archive .org that Floyd claims he got the shit from is a complete lie, because it was never posted their the Flyers were never posted their so yet again their all liars. Barron was so hungry to get the footage . So Floyd took possession of illegal footage , that like taking possession of stolen property, so that a crime .
So in closing they try to blame me , but they were trying to fuck Billy III for along time since 05 way before me. And Patricio to get someones personal e-mails from Barron Shepperd and Floyd Webb you had to get paid something and you are very close. John to do something like that to a friend is wrong it wasn't yours to give. they were exposed and they don't like it. I'm not Billy.
Also Lord of Chaos are you ASIAN or something and Indonesian style and a Fillipino style. You must be really small.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Hey thanks guy for the info, dummies you never do anything and post it . kool-aid drinkers.


See when you file a complaint you have to sign your real name . So I'll file counter verification and you will have to take me to Federal Court in my Jurisdiction under section 512 of the DCMA. So good luck. And then I'll have your name and who you are.



Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Samuel Browning is right, personal jurisdiction John. If you were following the case you would have realized that how Billy III lost old Radford Davis and Barron Shepperd in Massachusetts. You have got to come here and have about 50,000 dollars in attornies fees to start So good luck.

I didn't say anything about you in a month , the go get eletrocuted thing on Bullshido. John shut your mouth, and Sam doesn't like you posting your board John that how your a weasel, your not even real. Your a ham and egger , someone waiting for a hand out.


Monday, March 24, 2008


You couldn't shut your mouth John Patricio. This is a file photo from the arrest of John Patricio . I had a lawyer get it. See Patricio is a rat that had to leave Fall River that's why he's in San Francisco. Because he was going to get whacked. See the bags of coke at the bottom. This is why Billy got arrested because of you. Were do you think I got this picture from John.

Also cripple your not dead yet. I didn't get my New Years wish, come on suicide boy follow threw. Your just talk come on John I'm not Kenny. I'm not your brother who you use to beat all the time. I would be glad to end your suffering. It would be quick. This is what was taken from your house.


Floyd wants to say that I called someone mother this is what he gets. As for a shotgun and a vest its what Keehan did in the last days of his life. Obviously none of you knew Keehan at all. If you really new me , you would know that you would just disappear I wouldn't put it on-line. Floyd was married I got it off a dating forum that Floyd put up.
You seem to think that Floyd never lies and he doesn't manipulate the truth. See when Court ends for Billy and Floyd I'm going to sue Floyd for breach of contract and slander. None can prove that I called Barron mother and its on line on Floyd Webbs blog, that's not true at all. Barron and Floyd started this and I'm gonna ends it, I'm not Billy III And breach of contract for the film footage, see no signatures no sale . Its the same thing Brandy Karl is trying to hold William III too. When their a judgement in the case he's getting sued. Fair Use isn't going to be an issue in that one, hes gonna have to get a real lawyer for that one. When the deal went down and Barron told me to go fuck myself. I told him ok Charles Kid and the Dixie boys were gonna make his phone ring and ten minutes later it did. Charles Kid and the Dixie boys are nothing to play with, their the Klan down south. He was a personal friend of David Duke.
As for Bertuiax and Lully DSimon was right in a way. When I was a child in Fall River their were these cult murders in 1978, 1979. Were a girl I knew from the neighborhood killed all her female friends and ate the bodies in in the wood's , she was my next door neighbor Robin Murphy. If you don't believe me read this . See guys I know what evil is and Bertrauix and Lully are baby killers and murders these guys weren't hit men with a code [ no women no kids] they didn't live by this. The Man King incident that Lully and Bertrauix were involved in Lully disappeared after was a baby was killed for its pure blood to control people. They were faggots that use to drink semen, they thought that the semen was the life force. All these girls were prostitutes Robin was the den mother like Barbara Kemp. I consider myself a watcher of sorts on this, people are evil . I have a picture of Robin standing next to me on my 10 birthday. I know what evil is "My Friends" and Bertruiax and Lully are evil hands down. Floyd hasn't mentioned this because 3 to 1 studio is on Floor down from Bertrauix in the Fine Arts building. And what Keehan has on them, Bertrauix will go to jail for along time. See Keehan kept files on a lot of people. Hey Patricio their was a lot of boxes at Billy Jr's school that just sat their. If you only knew what was in them.
On Chicago people seem to think that one of Floyd friends gave me all this info, bullshit. You people seem to think that we got all this Dante stuff and we weren't going to do anything with it. Actually we were waiting for all the people to die. And people seem to think that after Dante skipped town that business stopped in Calumet with Fall River , sorry guys. That's didn't happen the businees went up to 1985 or 86 with a boss named Anthony Accardo and Joe Lambardo.Running un-taxed cigarettes and gun's to the Panthers and P Stone Rangers thats what Andy Wilson was into. And the dojo war, we have the actual court case from that. We have everybody's statements pertaining to the dojo war. And thats why I hate fuckin Felkoff and Day their liars hands down. Like I said Billy III has his personal belongings.
On William Aguiar Jr, Billy was a fuckin wild man when I knew him . Did Billy go to Chicago and kill people for Giancana ya he did . Six people were wacked by Billy Jr in what Billy Jr called the Leeve District in Chicago . When the mob wants somebody out in the family they hire an outside hitter. Billy Jr blow torched some guys feet. William Jr was a gangster the real way you fucked with him and you disappear. Their was a girl here that knew to much she disappeared in 1995 and then they found her buried in her back yard bound with Keehans belt in 2003.
See I know the truth, I was their when i was a child. look I saw Keehan after his so called death guys. See William Jr flew out and drove back. Their are safety deposit boxes that are still paid for to this day in Keehan name. Also people have been contacting my father out of Chicago and Hammond Illinois over this. I'm telling you alot of people are watching silently. Look what i'm about to say isn't a threat at all. But their are people out their that don't want the film to be made. I can't stop Floyd from making it but remember this I warned him.
Ask Floyd about the guy Billy went to court with a guy from Chicago. So before everybody don't believe me ask Floyd. Just Ray is part of a family out their. Alot of shit is going on behind the scenes their in Chicago. You dig up bones like this your gonna end up in a split level coffin.
I like you guys especially Lord of Chaos he has that R.I. attitude. I would like to meet him to show him whats what. I don't take anything on line personnal.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


FLOYD IS A STUBBORN CHILD no wonder him wife left him. He's being defeated on all areas, hes a fuckin comedy act. He reminds me of a child who doesn't like to play with others. He's sad when everybody around you hates you it must be hard Floyd. YOUR WIFE HATES YOU, YOUR FRIENDS HATES YOU. He won't talk normally on Bullshido and 1bdfs board, he'll come their for damage control only. Oh and two words for you "consumer confussion" its the only defense against "Fair Use". Matt Kiley professor gave Billy that the only diffinitive and win able defense against Fair Use. Do I hear the door slamming shut on you. This is because your putting Ashida Kim in the doc. You just lost see kim is the self proclaimed Master of the bdfs and thats were you loose. Hope you "choke on a piece of ham and died you piece of shit" on Easter.
And 2.8 million hits your loosing sucker. Floyd you lucky your in Chicago you would't be pulling this shit here. People now your face know . I will be naming names of the people in Chicago and all their dirty deeds because of you Floyd. So get a vest and a shotgun because you steered up a hornests nest. No one believes you because the people in the filmare their all liars, thieves and killers. Except Russel Brown hes stand up.


How come the link works for everybody else

Friday, March 21, 2008


Floyd is not the real thing and no one is taking what he says as truth at all, I on the other hand have had a blog for 6 months and Floyd Webb's is what 3 years old.

But I have 2.5 million hits more. This is because I have the truth, as bizarre as it may seem people are listening to me. I can prove my damage can you.

Here my link at 4,446,976

And Floyd Webb At 1,644,723

That's a 2,802,153 difference and counting they know Floyds movie is weak. I've personally spoke to people who were their and they say your "Kung Fu is weak".

Thursday, March 20, 2008







See what everybody doesn't seem to realize, we looked into Keehan when I was back in the school in the 80'. No one I mean no one new Keehan life at all their were several phases.

How this for research from Keehan research. How about these names lets see

1. Tony Accardo

2. Joey Aiuppa

3. Joey Lambardo

4. Anthony Spilotoro

See Floyd isn't touching what Keehan really did in Chicago. He can't he has to live their, their not happy with him now. We have everything about Chicago you know nothing again.

See Floyd doesn't know shit about Dante. And he's the biggest liar around. Its funny how the Barron Shepperd deal was never mentioned in court. And how you posted lies about someone , you can't prove. Look at you cast of players in your movie first. Hes surrounded himself with people who want to cash in on Keehan. These people call him friend. See they all road Keehan shirt tails until they could open schools themselves. And when he got into trouble the all turned their back's on him. You should all praise Floyds film its going to be a winner NOT.

1. Doug Dwyer close friend of Dante's. But when Konsevic was killed he shut Keehan out of his life.

2. Mike Felkoff says he saved Dante, not so if he did that why was Keehan under desk when the cops came. Obviously he lied and he's not saying the truth.

3. Lawrence Day another pussy that ran out like a coward. The day of the Dojo war I would really like to know who gave then their Grandmaster ships. Because their pussies.

4. Ashida kim/Radford Davis complete fake a fraud and all around pussy. The movie looses credability all the way around to the real martial artists. Who spent time on the mat, but Floyd never even sweated on the mat once. But it takes on to know one.

5. Bertrauix lets not forget the homosexual voodoo, sex magic gnostic. The was supposely Keehans spritual advisor. Hey Floyd did he put wax on your nipples to be in the movie. You put a sick homosexual boy lover in the movie thats positive.

Ok Floyd's Lie's

The Purchased FootageJohn Creeden, Jr, a direct student of Count Dante was offered $1000.00 for footage he shot of Count Dante and he accepted that offer and was paid. The investor paid $500.00 upfont for the footage site unseen. Meanwhile, his son, John Creeden, III talked to the investor and did what he could to try to change the initial deal by adding some printed materials. The investor was disappointed in the footage because it was clearly shot from a TV screen with a video camera. Due to John Creeden III's unprofessional behavior he made a decision not to go into business with him.

Late Night Calls to 81 year old mothers?Part of the investors decision was triggered by someone making a call to the investors 81 year old mother in the middle of the night telling "your son is dead." We do not know who made the call, we levelled no accusations. But it came after a heated argument between the investor and John Creeden III who told him how long his arms could reach and his associations with the Irish Mafia in Florida. This was deleted from my blog a few days ago. But I am putting it back after seeing John Creeden III announced online I gave someone $7500.00 for images I got off of He says he is going for a job in law enforcement. Go figure.

See user agreemnents your trying to hold Billy to something that I'm gonna use on you , Fuck this your getting sued next month. Fuck this shit you dumb mother fucker.

See Floyd you don't have shit for your movie. Its a loss you been surrounded by people who are not credable to tell the story of Keehan. Your friend Barron shepperd told me about that but you don't want to comment on that coward, your so ignorant to the fact that everyone else sees threw your bullshit.

Oh for your Fall River interviews you got, thats funny Keehan wasn't around no one who could tell you anything. And another thing Louie Di Fonzo never lived in Fall River asshole he lived in Somerset Mass. I'll take a picture of his house for you Bozo.

The dis- information thing if your smart. It got one of your cronies to admit that they know you and violated copyright.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Now I know your Floyd's friend. So your saying Floyd Webb knew what your doing. That's a conspiracy to defraud copyright . You people in Chicago are stupid. I know what Felkoff is up to at the Summerlin Center. I even know were he lives's, shit he called me from his house phone. He didn't make it hard to track him.

Originally Posted by Kung Fu Pimp
Yeah, I can discern what's actually plagiarized from research resources and what's actually him. I didn't say it was perfect, but I just thought the work he put in was compelling enough to give credit.Oh, and I ain't Felkoff. I didn't realize that people other than Creeden thought I was. But I'm a 39 year-old black guy from Chicago. My name is Paco D. Taylor. Author, artist, assassin.Floyd can vouch for me. Well, about the author and artist part. HahaPaco (Kung Fu Pimp)

See the jokes on you and Floyd now. The judge will love this. But will Floyd back you up when the heats coming down , that's the question? Once the Judge declares ownership of the materials in question , your all going down.

Monday, March 17, 2008


Somewere in 1967 a few guy's from Fall River set out with Keehan, oh let not forget Keehans closets friends. To snatch someone for a ritualistic initiation . The guy was from Alsip, Illinois he was taken from West Jean street and South Kostner Ave. No paper nor any citizen ship, so really who will miss him. Their was a blood initiation. And the guys body ended up in his grocery store to be disposed off. By one of Lampartners boy's. So copy and paste that.
My father said no one will believe you. Floyd doesn't want to touch this at all. Copy and paste it was written by Bertraiux and Lully I only stirred the pot.
Floyd is saying that he was Keehan spiritual advisor a homosexual voodoo priest. Doesn't anyone read this shit, I've known this for years way before Floyd's ignorance some people call him a racist and a blockhead . Floyd would drink the kool-aid for sure.
What do you think we sat on Keehans shit and never did our homework, we've had the documents and the proof for years. We were kinda hoping everybody died their in Chicago. But no Floyd had to start this film and dig this all up. Stupid fuck his film is going to be a sham. Floyd in a way will initiate some weak minded people into Bertrauix and Lullie's clutches
The Vatican said one paper was from a book of enoch, from a book written in 1912. Part of the dead sea scrools from what I'm told. They are carbon dating the other two. So copy and paste that Fuck wad's

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Floyd is trying to discredit the facts, Floyd was tainted by people in Chicago. Floyds friend is not my only source their. I've been contacted by a son of an inmate at Dixon Correctional Facility. Who knew Keehan way before even Dwyer knew him. His son has given me several leads and talked to me about the Chicago side, and their state of mind.
No one wants this out, Keehan was not a nice guy. He was vicious and cruel , he was a killer and a hustler and a drug dealer and smuggler . Floyd movie he wants to turn Keehan and Betrauix as icon's and Felkoff. This is not so , he was a vicious killer and manipulator. This is the person who blew up things and got a friend killed by going into a school with his best friend and a bunch of mediocre martial artists. Had a homosexual spirtual advisors and pimps for friends Ya make him into a cultural icon.
You people seem to think that I don't research my work. I've been researching Keehan life way before Floyd came around. Well how come Floyd won't say anything in an open forum. Bertuiax lives upstairs from Floyd in the Fine Arts Building. I'll let you guys in on a little secret. Keehan had files on all of Chicago he trusted no one from their. What he had written down would put you all away for along time

When you show the proof , it must be unbearable for all in Chicago that we can prove
we were their at the time. It indisputable, they stopped talking about Andy Wilson really fast. That's a name that none of Chicago would ever think would come out. That's just a little of the overall archives between me and William.
I see Keehan as a Jimmy Conway type character, he was nothing nice. He knew fuckin Sam Giancana on a personnel level. He had clout with the outfit their in Calumet City and Ciercio.
People seem to think that William Jr did something really wrong in Chicago. Their all true "My Friends" . The proof is their, Floyd is not telling the true story of Keehan. But a view of Floyd Webb childhood and Keehan influence in Chicago. Maybe Floyd should do a 3 set DvD directors cut. Thats if he has the moxie.
Keehan religion is a big thing in his life. But it was twisted by several people in his life at the time. When Keehan came here he was running from the dark , to something better. To start over in the east. William Jr had already established 4 schools hear in the mid 60's.
Keehan came here to start over , he trusted no one in Chicago no more. After they turned their back on him. The proof is right here . You seem to think I'm off my rocker. The proof is over whelming. Chicago knows this is real.
Remember the time of Bertruix and Lully, Keehan friends all participated, with this from one time to another. Floyd is delusional to think that we don't have the truth. From what I hear he's quite difficult to deal with. Floyd is probably afraid that his head will end up in someone soup.
Look Keehan was dark really dark. I copied and pasted some of it , but it was all written by Bertruiax and the C.C club. It was based on the Hellfire Club idiots. You know the Aliester Crowley one sex magic . I won't quote my work's if Floyd doesn't than I won't.
You know I was told not to put up the eye ring, but I just might. I know Keenan better than any of you. 98% of you people never met then man. At least I spent more time with him than his so called friends.
Bertruiax and Lully want you not to believe they don't exzist. So they can take your children so go head Floyd make your so called Culture movie in Chicago. If you people can't formulate your opinion on Bertrauix and Lully than your all so severely fucked up . Well believe Floyd then.

Mr. Bertiaux was a teacher of John Keehan Dante and has given me an interview replete with acccounts of his influences from movies, in alchemy, transformation and shamanism. He has told me that John Dante was initiated as a priest of Voudoun in Hyde Park in Chicago. He shared with me information that explained, in his opinion and from his memory of their many conversations, his core influences and interests.
You see how he refers to him as John Dante, only certain people knew him by that name. Taught him what ,how to recruit little girls in porno, come on get real. Floyd putting a pedophile and homosexual as Keehan spiritual advisor. Also a quick note Bertruiax and Lully were lovers for along time .
But to put sick FUCKS in a movie that children would be looking up too is just wrong and that why I did that. Guys it only gets darker.
Next post Keehan Mafia connection and the move from Gianacana to Patricia and Tameleo.

Friday, March 14, 2008


This is what I'm talking about, I look at this from a different view. I was shocked when I saw this I remember all the stories of Bertiuax and Lully. This was Keehans so called spiritual advisor, see Keehan came by him from Marc Lully.It was Lully who owned the porno houses and the movie theaters. From what I'm told and what I saw,their a bunch of devil worshippers and homosexuals who do gnostic rituals of the most darkest type of sex magic.

Go to this link and look for Bertuiax and the Choronzon Club and read the levels and understand the page. . When I put the post up on this Chicago and Modesto California freaked it took about 25 minutes before I got the first call. And a host of e-mails. Like I said I know a lot about the personality and religious beliefs of the man. My info is different than Floyd's a different perspective so to speak. Also this club is still their and in full swing.

These guys at the time were like the movie 8mm , The crazy porno sadistic mother fucker's thats what they were. Remember how the 60's were in Chicago. The Panther movement, the Mafia, just alround crazy shit. Their was heavy shit in Chicago at the time, Keehan was really warped out of his mind absolute power corrupts absolutely.

See back then the porno was underground and the runaways and the girls who wanted to be stars. Their are girls and boys who get off buses everyday only to be sucked in by predators. Their is no level for sexual predators that these guys were in the 60' 70' 80' The porno industry is a rough game, heavy drugs , murder and kidnapping . My father states that their a bunch of Kool-aid drinker's referring to the the Rev. Jim Jones and the Jonestown massacre were they drank the poison

My father has no stomach for these guys, look homosexual blood magic just isn't right.
This is the history of the O.T.O from which Bertruix is the Supreme Grand Master That's what that post was all about its Kundalini sex magic from Haiti. Follow this Ordo Templi Orientis Antiqua it all Betruiax its all sex magic but the homosexual way. And all the Memphis-Misirim and this homosexual version from Bertruiax .

The paper that is Keehans on top of the post is a large part of his life, the influence him with cash ,girls and drugs. The guy had a pimp life but the cast of dark characters around him. William III gave this to me after a heated debate , only after I explained what I found and proved threw the documents that I had in my possession. And a few other people who connected the dots and what I did for them about Fall River. Seem the general view is that Fall River is a dark because of William jr and what he did in Chicago. Well that what it is so be it.

This is to everyone I don't care if I get mentioned at all. The film isn't about a classic martial arts film documentary like Oyama's. But its Floyd's movie he do it his way.

Look these dark people still exist in this world and they use the name of god and religion to control the weak minded.

Keehan was a very spiritual person only to be seduced by the dark side of power its so seductive.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Before I right this I want everyone to know I'm deeply disturbed from what I've found out about Keehan's religious history. I've been in touch with several people from Chicago and Calumet . Who have told me stories that I've heard and found out on my own threw the years. When someone has the same info from 1000 miles away and 30 years ago. You tend to believe these people.

I will not name names, I put myself on the line with this one.

First let's start hear, a person has handed me three documents pertaining to Keehan religious beliefs. I couldn't read them they were in Latin. I'm talking 18th century old the hermetic text on the paper. So I was advise to call the Boston Archdiocese I talked to a priest . I scanned part of it and then I didn't expect to hear from the priest. Well I was wrong.

I was contacted from a Vatican priest who specializes in Occult sciences. Then I was asked to meet with him alone. Which I did Saturday and then I was really scared shit . Well when I met them ,I originally thought their was going to be one , but their was four of them. They spoke I listened. The scary priest with eyes that go right threw you , told me that the parchments were part of the a Rosicrucian Book of hermetic texts. Then I said to him that the Rosicrucian were French and German. Then he told me that this goes way back to the Freemasonry and Hiram Abiff this guy built the Temple of Solomon and was later killed by his own people to find out the secrets and treasures of King Solomon.

Then we started talking about De Molay and the Knights Templars, who supposely tunneled under King Solomons temple. One minute 9 knights were poor and then they had billions to raise a huge army to take Juresulem from the muslim's and they slaughtered everybody. Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici, basically this means the poor soldiers of christ.
Then I told them were I got them and how, then their hole demeanor changed. They all shut up then asked when was my last confession, I said 30 years ago. They asked me to confess my sins after this conversation , I was a little thrown back by this, I agreed.
They told me that the Vatican tracks secret societies like the U.S goverment tracks militias. I was waiting to be wacked by someone from Opeus Day { Oh how Da Vinci Code is this}. I started to tell them about Bertruax and Lully. I heard all the homosexual stories and severly sick shit. Mind you I've been warned not to do this, like I told you all I know alot of Keehans secrets and the people who were around him at the time. I will provide the link's of Bertuaix mind you its severly homosexual in nature and should not be viewed by any children.
See Lully was the porno owner and loved little boy's. Also one note Bertrauix and Lully were lovers. Also a little history on this O.T.O.A.
This is from the third link.

1.) Document: February 20, 1976 Bertiaux appoints M. Lamparter as S.G. inspector general(33?) for the grand hierophant ( Bertiaux ) but he was invited to visit the U.S.A. To receive proper ritualistic initiation and consecration to the appropriate grade(33rd.) (rite A & P of M.M. Source).2.) Document: November 6, 1981, letter of appointment of M. Lamparter as S.G.M. effective 1-1-1982 from Ken Ward. Note: Ken Ward was to take a year long retirement. A.) M. Bertiaux was appointed by Ken Ward to be S.G.M.A., therefore leading to M. Lamparter's appointment as S.G.M. B.) Ken Ward said that after a year of retirement, he would resume the position of S.G.M.A. in an advisory sense. 3.) Document: May 2, 1982- Ancient and Primitive Memphis-Misraim document of Nevio Viola to M. Lamparter, wherein Viola as the S.G.M.A. of the Rite of Memphis-Misraim (Misraim Order) gives to M. Lamparter authority to represent the Italian Sovereign Sanctuary of the Gnosis of Italy in Spain as S.G.M. as well as the same for the Italian O.T.O. (O.T.O.I.) N. Viola's Italian Gnostic O.T.O.-independent of the O.T.O.A. and the major O.T.O. groups. 4.) Document: Pansophic document from N. Viola to M. Lamparter= May 2, 1982 wherein M. Lamparter is appointed as the G.M. of the O.T.O.A. in Spain, of the Pansophic Society, which is rank of G.M. in the Pansophic Society, an all inclusive union historically connected to ' 93 current orders'. 5.)Document: June 7, 1982= M. Lamparter to Nevio Viola, wherein Lamparter as S.G.M. of the O.T.O.A. recognizes Nevio Viola as the representative of the O.T.O.A. in Italy of Lamparter's jurisdiction. 6.)Document: February 28, 1983= letter from Nevio Viola to Lamparter, wherein M. Lamparter is addressed as S.G.M. of the O.T.O.A. 7.) Document- August 16, 1985= M. Lamparter as S.G.M. x? of the O.T.O.A. ,to Paolo Fogagnolo, in which Fogagnolo is appointed as general secretary of the O.T.O.A. .for Italy. Note = Lamparter states that M. Bertiaux is the S.G.M.A. of the O.T.O.A. , in the Inner Retreat in Chicago, USA., and that Bertiaux has supreme authority over all the Sovereign Sanctuaries of the Gnosis of the O.T.O.A. 8.)Document- September 8, 1989= from Courtney Willis as S.G.M. to Nevio Viola, in which C. Willis authorizes Nevio Viola to head the Italian O.T.O.A. under the direction of C. Willis. 9.)Document- Kunst-Opus IX- Strasburg, 1995= Article on L'ordo Templi Orientis Antiqua in which Joel Duez confirms that in 1994 he was consecrated in person to be the Grand Master of the O.T.O.A. for France and the French speaking countries by Michael Bertiaux.

Now this all directly connect them to Aleister Crowley { Who's the man in the top left dressed in Mason clothes} The O.T.O. is Aleister Crowley here's a link to their history.

Now lets get sick, they were all homosexuals they did this circle jerk thing. And go to the part of the Choronzon Club. And you will know how sick they really are.

At the time the Club was into this.

1.Time travel

2. Sex magic of the horrific type

3. sex magic and quantom physic's via fellatio.

Just to name a few. It was Lully who got Keehans sex slave. Lully disappeared after the "Man King" incident . I'm not going into that one, the people who were their know the truth.

I have original text from Clymer , who they hate. You have to go to Quaker town Pennsylvania. That's was passed down from Keehan to this person. Also an eye ring belonging to Aleister Crowley. That Keehan had and gave it to someone close to me. I've been advised not to post it on-line. I put it in a safety deposit box.

Believe me or not, the people who know will.

I would like to thank the people in Chicago, who helped me open a few doors. When I was a kid. All this was happening around me , I got bits and pieces. My father said I met Lully once but I don't remember.

Remember this porno had the distrubution back then and the sex slave underground. Keehan controlled this in Chicago Lully and Keehan and the Seven Rays. The Monastery of the Seven rays was said to be a Benedictine order from the 18th century with origins in Spain that in the 20th Century took a more magical turning in their teachings. Ward was appointed to be the head of the order and guide the students of the Monastery. That same year Bertiaux incorporated a mental form from the Nous within his own mind and assumed the name Michael Aquarius. It was all about mail order and the porno shops. How nice.

This is Crowleys influence.In December 1982, Lamparter received bishopric ordination by Rosamunde Miller in the lineage of Hoeller. He was then installed as Spanish patriarch of the Ecclesia Gnostica Spiritualis that served as the base and fundament of the OTOA and also the Monastery. In 1985 Lamparter had done a great work in translating all the available material into Spanish under the name Tau Baphomet that can be understood to be a direct reflex of the same daimonus known as Michael Aquarius.

Know Baphomet is another name as Devil or Satan, thats the horned creature on the top of the page so theirs your devil worshipper .

The goat on the frontispiece carries the sign of the pentagram on the forehead, with one point at the top, a symbol of light, his two hands forming the sign of hermetism, the one pointing up to the white moon of Chesed, the other pointing down to the black one of Geburah. This sign expresses the perfect harmony of mercy with justice. His one arm is female, the other male like the ones of the androgyn of Khunrath, the attributes of which we had to unite with those of our goat because he is one and the same symbol. The flame of intelligence shining between his horns is the magic light of the universal balance, the image of the soul elevated above matter, as the flame, whilst being tied to matter, shines above it. The beast's head expresses the horror of the sinner, whose materially acting, solely responsible part has to bear the punishment exclusively; because the soul is insensitive according to its nature and can only suffer when it materializes. The rod standing instead of genitals symbolizes eternal life, the body covered with scales the water, the semi- circle above it the atmosphere, the feathers following above the volatile. Humanity is represented by the two breasts and the androgyn arms of this sphinx of the occult sciences."

But Crowley saw Baphomet as more than the Union of Opposites—-he is also the Lust that leads to such Union. Baphomet is depicted in Crowley's Thoth Tarot deck, in the card "Devil" (Atu XV). Here, he is identified with the Greek god Pan, the All-Begetter. He is "creative energy in its most material form [...], the goat leaping with lust upon the summits of earth [...], the divine madness of spring"[17]
Crowley, who was known as "The Beast,"[16] also identified himself with Baphomet. In The Equinox of the Gods he describes another card from the Tarot, this time "Lust" (Atu XI), "It shows the Scarlet Woman, BABALON, riding (or conjoined with) me The Beast ; and this card is my special card, for I am Baphomet, 'the Lion and the Serpent,' and 666, the 'full number' of the Sun" [18] It is perhaps for this reason that Crowley assumed the magical name of Baphomet when he was risen to the X° within Ordo Templi Orientis.

See more here

I know why Floyd Webb wanted to stay away from this, but he touched me with this and and what William Jr did in Chicago, its nothing nice. And the proof that he opened for me.

This took me somewere that I didn't want to go.

Their alot of people reading this, Judge, Floyd's lawyers, my people and alot more.

My father always told me that never worry about the dead, the evil is in the living.

Its all based on the A.M.O.R.C. and Crowleys teachings
Were titles like "Memphis-Misraim" and "Rosicrucian" so terribly seductive? Lewis asserted that "The term Pansophia is referred to as a division of the Rosicrucian studies and work and not as a separate school or a separate organisation.On September 5th 1935 Andrea got a letter from Crowley, in which he announced that since he, Crowley, was OHO of his O.T.O., he was also Chief of all Rosicrucians, and hence the fate of A.M.O.R.C. rested in his hands. Andrea contacted Lewis and informed him of Crowley's money-troubles and his dubious reputation - on which Clymer's books seemed to set the final seal - but Lewis was quick to allay Andrea's fears. At this stage Max Schneider turned up at the Los Angeles offices of A.M.O.R.C.'s lawyer, Arthur B. Walker, identifying himself as Crowley's representative. Schneider proposed an alliance in the legal battle against Clymer, and expressed his hopes that A.M.O.R.C. would provide financial support to this end. He argued that cleaning up Crowley's unsavoury reputation would automatically yield an improvement for A.M.O.R.C.'s image. A second meeting between Schneider and Walker took place on September 18th 1935; Schneider wanted in vain admittance to the A.M.O.R.C. headquarters in San José, so that he could discuss the ways and means by which Crowley might be helped.
Heres something funny their fighting a copyright case on Clymers Intelluctual copyright
Some people have a twisted look at religion.

Saturday, March 8, 2008


You just proved your the delusional one. You tell half truths , just like your movie. Half truths by people who got their friend killed and turned their back on him. No wonder why your wife left you. Did the judge question your mental capacity or not, I think YES he did. Billy has show ownership you have only shown what a small twisted little scared boy you really are . Who likes to steal thing's that are not yours. Floyd your loosing all that you hoped for Billy wants it to stop . Now you look bad , like the stubborn little child you are. Whats wrong Floyd mommy didn't show you any love. You now that shows up in your love life later on. Oh that's right your divorced.

Billy did tell me over beers. Because he thinks your such a pussy and a wimp. Floyd you shouldn't talk about illegal drugs with your record, you shouldn't throw stones in glass houses. As far as being an "advisor" you can't handle Billy, let alone me. Oh on Advisors Floyd who was in the courtroom with Billy. Its wasn't John Cole, he is known as "Ray" just "Ray". You don't want to know what Ray does for a living. Floyd he is one of Billy's advisor's. Your dealing with the old timers Floyd not me, he's from Keehans past the past you don't want to know about. Be afraid be
very afraid whoops weres Floyd.

I'll say this hes from Federal Hill, see Floyd people are watching you. Billy got to do this on his own.

Ring Ring in your head your mental status is in question? Yes it was I love fuckin with you your to easy Loser.

Friday, March 7, 2008


The Judge Mark Wolf asked Julie Ahern of Stanford law about Floyd Webb's mental status. After being denied a declaratory judgement by the judge. Judge Wolf questioned Julie Ahern several times whether Floyd Webb's mental status when he was using the film, he wanted to know if he was mentally capable of making decision's pertaining to the case.
Floyd asked for mediation and got it and he didn't want it at all. People are puzzled about Floyd and his motive's.
Is it personal ,I seem to think so. It all comes down to ownership, it obvious that someone else is sailing Floyd's ship. Its obvious that Floyd doesn't have the intelligence to see a deal right in front of him. Its seems funny that the judge is questioning his mental status, when he staed in the past that the judge was going to do that against me, the irony huh Floyd.
Threw his case management statement, Floyd hopes to dislodge William Intellectual property, some wonder why would Floyd do such a thing a put a hold on his movie for 2 years and future litigation. I feel bad for Floyd he's extremely stubborn like a child who wants the nipple and he can't have it. Floyd temper tantrum's shows what a small person in his head he really is. Billy wanted to put this behind him , but Floyd is really showing his real color's.
It just goes to show you that hes the type of person that you can't trust in business. Floyd is trying to say that William doesn't own anything. I bet if Felkoff drinks a glass of water that Floyd cant speak.
Floyd doesn't have Fair Use until the gavel falls, and the same goes for ownership. Nothing has been ruled on so Floyd . once again only tell half truth's. Only to suit him, Floyd you still have to deal with me in court once your court is over with William. And I'm going to sue all of you people and I'm gonna win . No signatures and you have nothing, see I can prove criminal conspiracy. Using this court's declaration against you, see it all a big set up and your all gonna be taken down.
Whats everybody gonna say now that Billy not playing along, its Floyd like I said is the shady one. Ths scumbag, the loser, this is why no one will do business with him. The only people who do business with him are people who got their friend killed. Go Figure.


Thursday, March 6, 2008


I guess court went well, Billy wanted mediation and Floyd didn't want that. He trying to say Billy doesn't own anything. So Floyd's being the ass now { not Know}. See this opens up a lot of different aspects of litigation.
So if Billy doesn't own it then my father has a right of litigation over the Barron Shepperd deal. So when Billy files for a declaratory judgement to the ownership of everything the book's the video's.
Guy's like Kung Fu Pimp better watch out, what he did with his zines is infringement hand's down . I bought a couple of the WDFS copies and the receipt for proof. So you better watch out when the judge says its Billy's. Your all going down. See Billy's smart in a way , by suing Floyd he gets what he wants all the intellectual property under one umbrella. He'll get more than he was getting before, he's forcing a deal hand's down. See it will go to a jury of regular people who will decide. Not high powered lawyers , but regular people. From South Boston who work for a living. They will know what to do, they woudn't want their shit stolen.
See Billy gave Floyd an out , by going to mediation it shows that it's personal from Chicago. The Judge actually questioned Julie Ahern on Floyd Webb's mental status. And Julie Ahern refused to answer the judge about his mental status. Thats something to think about.
I've talked to several people in Chicago , when I posted my e-mail. And they seem to think thats its personal. I think Billy pleaded it the wrong way. He's not doing to bad Pro Se , he only lost Ashida and that pussy Barron Shepperd on jurisdiction only.
This is just one of many law suits coming from Billy. This Judge declares that Billy own's the intellectual property. All your heads will end up in a pot of soup. Kung Fu Pussy you will be the first one.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


"QUOTED From the 1bdfs board. from Floyd Webb know Floyd stating that Felkoff was never with Keehan. Then how do you explain the BDFS black belt certificate that you presented on your Blog's. Your lies are so deep you just can't keep up. Felkoff is a sham. I spoke to Day myself he's caught in the middle. No one disrespected anybody. When I spoke to Felkoff I couldn't get a word in edge wize. He kept tell us he trained with Chinese Generals and spoke of talking to Chuck Norris. And I could barely understand him when I spoke to him, his use of the english language is like my typing.
Floyd what do you loose from involving Ashida Kim to your film. Everyone will really just laugh it off as a joke and a fruad. Dante was a serious martial artist theirs no denying that. But when you put it a carnival atmosphere. And Ashida kim and Stoffel are the carnival atmosphere.
Day and Felkoff should have fought better on the day of the dojo war. And they call themselves Masters. In a real street situation the lost their 0-1. What really pisses me off is that their pimping a dead man. That they had a hand in his demise and now they think their badasses. "RESPECT IS EARNED NOT GIVEN" . I really don't understand how they can let this happen to some they say they have honored and praised.

Floyd Webb
Mar 5th, 2008 - 5:45 AM
Re: BDFS "International" Not sure this will matter much to you guys, but Van Vuuren resigned as head of the BDFS International because of his "compromised" reputation. Outside of his relationship with Ashida Kim I know nothing else about the man. Felkoff, who was never a student of Keehan and rather a business associate, is now head of the International. Doug Dwyer, Woody Edgell and other Original students have joined. Dr. Lawrence Day kept the BDFS alive in his teachings as he was qualified to do. Felkoff, Woody Edgell, Joe Dodora, and Samuel LoneWolf all studied Dim Mak under James Lee(not James Yimm Lee), the same as Keehan did. They were not disowned by Lee, for "trivialing" the form as Keehan was. Dodoro and Edgell are coming out with a DVD teaching Dim Mak as Lee taught it. The sad part is Lawrence Day tried to work with Aguiar and got dissed big time. Cooperation is always a good thing in the long run. As for my certificate, I appreciate the gesture as it was a show of support for me and the film. I won't be teaching anything but documentary-fu with a Bagua side-step. I am following my story into the editing room with these great Fall River interviews I got inspite of all the hoopla over the court case. Hate on Van Vuuren all you want. I will cherish fond memories of the people who never took me to court on a humbug. Would I interview him for the film if I could? **** right I would, just as I will Ashida Kim. They become part of the story by default. Some would say they are phonies following a phoney(Keehan/Dante). The prevalent attitude towards Keehan/Dante by those who never knew him is that he was a comic book fake. So what do I have to lose by including them? At least they will be screen characters to hiss at, but I think they lend credibility to the idea of the "desire to belong" and the need for personal empowerment that are themes of the film. I am not a martial artist. I am a filmmaker *** historian of sorts. The whole is the sum of it's parts. I would interview you, Mad Mon and Art if I could just so I have that ire to play off of and find the meaning within it.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Floyd seems irate at his attempt to put down Fall Rivers information. See its cross referenced with factual paperwork. The books you see are proof enough. It is Keehans personal information. The red book on the right has Keehan Diary in it and his spirtual and religious documents. Most of my information come from close Keehan friend's not just my father. But from people in New York and New Jersey.

The blue book on the left has all over sea's banking number's , international holding's. Including all his military records, and business owner and operated by 9 different a.k.a. of Keehan and other associates

These two books are the history that I cross reference , against my own experience's. I was their after Dante died a mysterious death in 1975 . Your right no one knows the true story. But you surely don't know what the hell your talking about

But for you to elaborate that you factually telling the story is untrue.

The story of the Illinois Governor from here . I heard that story from Billy father back in the early 80's. About Corrupt Chicago politician's. Was their ever a straight politician out of Illinois ever. When I Googled it I couldn't believe their was an article true or not. Somebody was stupid enough to put it their. I could curl your toes from what I really know Floyd, my father won't let me tell that story Floyd

Floyd you base Operation Water Buffalo on a martial arts site from ,you guessed it another person from Chicago
At least I proved with un-classified document's about Operation Mongoose something you can't about Operation Water Buffalo. Your proof of Operation Water Buffalo was a guy hearing it from another guy. All you prove that is everything happens in Chicago, and nothing happens no were else.

The proof is Overwhelming Floyd . HE WAS GIANCANA FUCK' IN FRIEND.

After the Cuban Revolution in January 1959, Castro closed down all the mob casinos in Cuba and drove out the mobsters. Given that experience, Rosselli, Chicago Outfit boss Sam Giancana, and New Orleans boss Carlos Marcello would be receptive to overtures on killing Castro.

In 1960, the CIA recruited ex-FBI agent Robert Maheu, then a top aide to billionaire Howard Hughes in Las Vegas, to approach Roselli. Maheu passed himself off as the representative of international corporations that wanted Castro killed because of their lost gambling operations. Roselli introduced Maheu to two men he referred to as "Sam Gold" and "Joe." "Sam Gold" was Giancana and "Joe was Santos Trafficante, the Tampa, Florida boss and one of the most powerful mobsters in pre-revolution Cuba. The agency gave the mobsters six poison pills to murder Castro. For several months, mafia hitmen tried unsuccessfully to put the pills in Castro's food. In 1961, after the failed CIA-sponsored Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba, an angry President Kennedy pulled the plug on this operation. Records show that the CIA successfully recovered all six poison pills.

These assassination attempts by Roselli were publicized in 1971 by Jack Anderson, a Washington Post reporter, and acknowledged by the CIA in 2007 when it declassified the Family jewels documents.

Also explain me this
After the blackballing of Dante in Chicago, primarily because the death of Jim Konsevic in the 1970 Dojo/Dragon War,

So Floyd what your saying is that the people who are telling the story know , are the same people who blackballed him. Do you see it from my view now. I'm sorry your paper work doesn't show fact and I did. You told me to produce fact and I did. You won't talk about "Andy Wilson". That's shows we are the real deal, you always try to deflect the truth. Stop the mud sling Floyd and be productive for once. And show some humanity you so preach.

Before you look at my comprehension look at yours first, Dumbass. si/is

Also this
There si clearly a problem with reading comphrehension, it seems.