Sunday, March 16, 2008


Floyd is trying to discredit the facts, Floyd was tainted by people in Chicago. Floyds friend is not my only source their. I've been contacted by a son of an inmate at Dixon Correctional Facility. Who knew Keehan way before even Dwyer knew him. His son has given me several leads and talked to me about the Chicago side, and their state of mind.
No one wants this out, Keehan was not a nice guy. He was vicious and cruel , he was a killer and a hustler and a drug dealer and smuggler . Floyd movie he wants to turn Keehan and Betrauix as icon's and Felkoff. This is not so , he was a vicious killer and manipulator. This is the person who blew up things and got a friend killed by going into a school with his best friend and a bunch of mediocre martial artists. Had a homosexual spirtual advisors and pimps for friends Ya make him into a cultural icon.
You people seem to think that I don't research my work. I've been researching Keehan life way before Floyd came around. Well how come Floyd won't say anything in an open forum. Bertuiax lives upstairs from Floyd in the Fine Arts Building. I'll let you guys in on a little secret. Keehan had files on all of Chicago he trusted no one from their. What he had written down would put you all away for along time

When you show the proof , it must be unbearable for all in Chicago that we can prove
we were their at the time. It indisputable, they stopped talking about Andy Wilson really fast. That's a name that none of Chicago would ever think would come out. That's just a little of the overall archives between me and William.
I see Keehan as a Jimmy Conway type character, he was nothing nice. He knew fuckin Sam Giancana on a personnel level. He had clout with the outfit their in Calumet City and Ciercio.
People seem to think that William Jr did something really wrong in Chicago. Their all true "My Friends" . The proof is their, Floyd is not telling the true story of Keehan. But a view of Floyd Webb childhood and Keehan influence in Chicago. Maybe Floyd should do a 3 set DvD directors cut. Thats if he has the moxie.
Keehan religion is a big thing in his life. But it was twisted by several people in his life at the time. When Keehan came here he was running from the dark , to something better. To start over in the east. William Jr had already established 4 schools hear in the mid 60's.
Keehan came here to start over , he trusted no one in Chicago no more. After they turned their back on him. The proof is right here . You seem to think I'm off my rocker. The proof is over whelming. Chicago knows this is real.
Remember the time of Bertruix and Lully, Keehan friends all participated, with this from one time to another. Floyd is delusional to think that we don't have the truth. From what I hear he's quite difficult to deal with. Floyd is probably afraid that his head will end up in someone soup.
Look Keehan was dark really dark. I copied and pasted some of it , but it was all written by Bertruiax and the C.C club. It was based on the Hellfire Club idiots. You know the Aliester Crowley one sex magic . I won't quote my work's if Floyd doesn't than I won't.
You know I was told not to put up the eye ring, but I just might. I know Keenan better than any of you. 98% of you people never met then man. At least I spent more time with him than his so called friends.
Bertruiax and Lully want you not to believe they don't exzist. So they can take your children so go head Floyd make your so called Culture movie in Chicago. If you people can't formulate your opinion on Bertrauix and Lully than your all so severely fucked up . Well believe Floyd then.

Mr. Bertiaux was a teacher of John Keehan Dante and has given me an interview replete with acccounts of his influences from movies, in alchemy, transformation and shamanism. He has told me that John Dante was initiated as a priest of Voudoun in Hyde Park in Chicago. He shared with me information that explained, in his opinion and from his memory of their many conversations, his core influences and interests.
You see how he refers to him as John Dante, only certain people knew him by that name. Taught him what ,how to recruit little girls in porno, come on get real. Floyd putting a pedophile and homosexual as Keehan spiritual advisor. Also a quick note Bertruiax and Lully were lovers for along time .
But to put sick FUCKS in a movie that children would be looking up too is just wrong and that why I did that. Guys it only gets darker.
Next post Keehan Mafia connection and the move from Gianacana to Patricia and Tameleo.