Wednesday, March 5, 2008


"QUOTED From the 1bdfs board. from Floyd Webb know Floyd stating that Felkoff was never with Keehan. Then how do you explain the BDFS black belt certificate that you presented on your Blog's. Your lies are so deep you just can't keep up. Felkoff is a sham. I spoke to Day myself he's caught in the middle. No one disrespected anybody. When I spoke to Felkoff I couldn't get a word in edge wize. He kept tell us he trained with Chinese Generals and spoke of talking to Chuck Norris. And I could barely understand him when I spoke to him, his use of the english language is like my typing.
Floyd what do you loose from involving Ashida Kim to your film. Everyone will really just laugh it off as a joke and a fruad. Dante was a serious martial artist theirs no denying that. But when you put it a carnival atmosphere. And Ashida kim and Stoffel are the carnival atmosphere.
Day and Felkoff should have fought better on the day of the dojo war. And they call themselves Masters. In a real street situation the lost their 0-1. What really pisses me off is that their pimping a dead man. That they had a hand in his demise and now they think their badasses. "RESPECT IS EARNED NOT GIVEN" . I really don't understand how they can let this happen to some they say they have honored and praised.

Floyd Webb
Mar 5th, 2008 - 5:45 AM
Re: BDFS "International" Not sure this will matter much to you guys, but Van Vuuren resigned as head of the BDFS International because of his "compromised" reputation. Outside of his relationship with Ashida Kim I know nothing else about the man. Felkoff, who was never a student of Keehan and rather a business associate, is now head of the International. Doug Dwyer, Woody Edgell and other Original students have joined. Dr. Lawrence Day kept the BDFS alive in his teachings as he was qualified to do. Felkoff, Woody Edgell, Joe Dodora, and Samuel LoneWolf all studied Dim Mak under James Lee(not James Yimm Lee), the same as Keehan did. They were not disowned by Lee, for "trivialing" the form as Keehan was. Dodoro and Edgell are coming out with a DVD teaching Dim Mak as Lee taught it. The sad part is Lawrence Day tried to work with Aguiar and got dissed big time. Cooperation is always a good thing in the long run. As for my certificate, I appreciate the gesture as it was a show of support for me and the film. I won't be teaching anything but documentary-fu with a Bagua side-step. I am following my story into the editing room with these great Fall River interviews I got inspite of all the hoopla over the court case. Hate on Van Vuuren all you want. I will cherish fond memories of the people who never took me to court on a humbug. Would I interview him for the film if I could? **** right I would, just as I will Ashida Kim. They become part of the story by default. Some would say they are phonies following a phoney(Keehan/Dante). The prevalent attitude towards Keehan/Dante by those who never knew him is that he was a comic book fake. So what do I have to lose by including them? At least they will be screen characters to hiss at, but I think they lend credibility to the idea of the "desire to belong" and the need for personal empowerment that are themes of the film. I am not a martial artist. I am a filmmaker *** historian of sorts. The whole is the sum of it's parts. I would interview you, Mad Mon and Art if I could just so I have that ire to play off of and find the meaning within it.