Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Now I know your Floyd's friend. So your saying Floyd Webb knew what your doing. That's a conspiracy to defraud copyright . You people in Chicago are stupid. I know what Felkoff is up to at the Summerlin Center. I even know were he lives's, shit he called me from his house phone. He didn't make it hard to track him.

Originally Posted by Kung Fu Pimp
Yeah, I can discern what's actually plagiarized from research resources and what's actually him. I didn't say it was perfect, but I just thought the work he put in was compelling enough to give credit.Oh, and I ain't Felkoff. I didn't realize that people other than Creeden thought I was. But I'm a 39 year-old black guy from Chicago. My name is Paco D. Taylor. Author, artist, assassin.Floyd can vouch for me. Well, about the author and artist part. HahaPaco (Kung Fu Pimp)

See the jokes on you and Floyd now. The judge will love this. But will Floyd back you up when the heats coming down , that's the question? Once the Judge declares ownership of the materials in question , your all going down.