Sunday, March 2, 2008


Floyd seems irate at his attempt to put down Fall Rivers information. See its cross referenced with factual paperwork. The books you see are proof enough. It is Keehans personal information. The red book on the right has Keehan Diary in it and his spirtual and religious documents. Most of my information come from close Keehan friend's not just my father. But from people in New York and New Jersey.

The blue book on the left has all over sea's banking number's , international holding's. Including all his military records, and business owner and operated by 9 different a.k.a. of Keehan and other associates

These two books are the history that I cross reference , against my own experience's. I was their after Dante died a mysterious death in 1975 . Your right no one knows the true story. But you surely don't know what the hell your talking about

But for you to elaborate that you factually telling the story is untrue.

The story of the Illinois Governor from here . I heard that story from Billy father back in the early 80's. About Corrupt Chicago politician's. Was their ever a straight politician out of Illinois ever. When I Googled it I couldn't believe their was an article true or not. Somebody was stupid enough to put it their. I could curl your toes from what I really know Floyd, my father won't let me tell that story Floyd

Floyd you base Operation Water Buffalo on a martial arts site from ,you guessed it another person from Chicago
At least I proved with un-classified document's about Operation Mongoose something you can't about Operation Water Buffalo. Your proof of Operation Water Buffalo was a guy hearing it from another guy. All you prove that is everything happens in Chicago, and nothing happens no were else.

The proof is Overwhelming Floyd . HE WAS GIANCANA FUCK' IN FRIEND.

After the Cuban Revolution in January 1959, Castro closed down all the mob casinos in Cuba and drove out the mobsters. Given that experience, Rosselli, Chicago Outfit boss Sam Giancana, and New Orleans boss Carlos Marcello would be receptive to overtures on killing Castro.

In 1960, the CIA recruited ex-FBI agent Robert Maheu, then a top aide to billionaire Howard Hughes in Las Vegas, to approach Roselli. Maheu passed himself off as the representative of international corporations that wanted Castro killed because of their lost gambling operations. Roselli introduced Maheu to two men he referred to as "Sam Gold" and "Joe." "Sam Gold" was Giancana and "Joe was Santos Trafficante, the Tampa, Florida boss and one of the most powerful mobsters in pre-revolution Cuba. The agency gave the mobsters six poison pills to murder Castro. For several months, mafia hitmen tried unsuccessfully to put the pills in Castro's food. In 1961, after the failed CIA-sponsored Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba, an angry President Kennedy pulled the plug on this operation. Records show that the CIA successfully recovered all six poison pills.

These assassination attempts by Roselli were publicized in 1971 by Jack Anderson, a Washington Post reporter, and acknowledged by the CIA in 2007 when it declassified the Family jewels documents.

Also explain me this
After the blackballing of Dante in Chicago, primarily because the death of Jim Konsevic in the 1970 Dojo/Dragon War,

So Floyd what your saying is that the people who are telling the story know , are the same people who blackballed him. Do you see it from my view now. I'm sorry your paper work doesn't show fact and I did. You told me to produce fact and I did. You won't talk about "Andy Wilson". That's shows we are the real deal, you always try to deflect the truth. Stop the mud sling Floyd and be productive for once. And show some humanity you so preach.

Before you look at my comprehension look at yours first, Dumbass. si/is

Also this
There si clearly a problem with reading comphrehension, it seems.