Monday, March 17, 2008


Somewere in 1967 a few guy's from Fall River set out with Keehan, oh let not forget Keehans closets friends. To snatch someone for a ritualistic initiation . The guy was from Alsip, Illinois he was taken from West Jean street and South Kostner Ave. No paper nor any citizen ship, so really who will miss him. Their was a blood initiation. And the guys body ended up in his grocery store to be disposed off. By one of Lampartners boy's. So copy and paste that.
My father said no one will believe you. Floyd doesn't want to touch this at all. Copy and paste it was written by Bertraiux and Lully I only stirred the pot.
Floyd is saying that he was Keehan spiritual advisor a homosexual voodoo priest. Doesn't anyone read this shit, I've known this for years way before Floyd's ignorance some people call him a racist and a blockhead . Floyd would drink the kool-aid for sure.
What do you think we sat on Keehans shit and never did our homework, we've had the documents and the proof for years. We were kinda hoping everybody died their in Chicago. But no Floyd had to start this film and dig this all up. Stupid fuck his film is going to be a sham. Floyd in a way will initiate some weak minded people into Bertrauix and Lullie's clutches
The Vatican said one paper was from a book of enoch, from a book written in 1912. Part of the dead sea scrools from what I'm told. They are carbon dating the other two. So copy and paste that Fuck wad's