Thursday, March 27, 2008


See Ninjoo your a Asshida Kim pussy , they hate you even more on bullshido than me . See I've been a member of Bullshido and a supporting member on that board for about 6 months , you seem to think that I post as Lamokio they don't now it me . I can say whatever I want when I want. Floyd Webb wants to post that I called someone mother in the middle of the night. That's why I am doing what I'm doing. he did that with no proof at all. When he deleted that post it was after he talked to me on June 8 2007. See I was the only one who knew what was going on. Oh ya Charles Kidd and the Dixie Boys were my fathers and Keehans friend. He ran the Fronton's in the South, for dummies its Jai Lai. You fuck with my father you pay. This is what i'm going to do I'm going to get a pre-paid cell phone and put all the recorded conversations from barron and Floyd so you can here the bullshit that they tried to sell.
How come Barron Shepperd and Floyd Webb never went to the cops , because if that happened to my mother . It didn't happen and if it happened to me they would be fuckin dead , I take that shit personally . No women no kids that's the code . So if Floyd doesn't want to take it down hey " you reap what you sew".
Fuck all you guys ,you guys never even met Keehan and Floyd never did either except for one time. You guys have no ball's as men , you don't want to know the truth of Keehan to put him on a pedestal and make him some sort of hero is wrong.
On more thing I never met Patricio never knew him or heard his name, it was Barron Shepperd who told me about 7500 dollars. Why would I make that up when I never heard of the name at all . Then all of a sudden John Patricio gave exclusive Flyer from over 40 years ago to Floyd and starts a board with all this exclusive shit about Keehan. So John Patricio was talking to Floyd Webb in 05 and John Patricio never told Billy Aguiar what he was doing. So the money thing kinda fits.
Also the Archive .org that Floyd claims he got the shit from is a complete lie, because it was never posted their the Flyers were never posted their so yet again their all liars. Barron was so hungry to get the footage . So Floyd took possession of illegal footage , that like taking possession of stolen property, so that a crime .
So in closing they try to blame me , but they were trying to fuck Billy III for along time since 05 way before me. And Patricio to get someones personal e-mails from Barron Shepperd and Floyd Webb you had to get paid something and you are very close. John to do something like that to a friend is wrong it wasn't yours to give. they were exposed and they don't like it. I'm not Billy.
Also Lord of Chaos are you ASIAN or something and Indonesian style and a Fillipino style. You must be really small.