Friday, March 14, 2008


This is what I'm talking about, I look at this from a different view. I was shocked when I saw this I remember all the stories of Bertiuax and Lully. This was Keehans so called spiritual advisor, see Keehan came by him from Marc Lully.It was Lully who owned the porno houses and the movie theaters. From what I'm told and what I saw,their a bunch of devil worshippers and homosexuals who do gnostic rituals of the most darkest type of sex magic.

Go to this link and look for Bertuiax and the Choronzon Club and read the levels and understand the page. . When I put the post up on this Chicago and Modesto California freaked it took about 25 minutes before I got the first call. And a host of e-mails. Like I said I know a lot about the personality and religious beliefs of the man. My info is different than Floyd's a different perspective so to speak. Also this club is still their and in full swing.

These guys at the time were like the movie 8mm , The crazy porno sadistic mother fucker's thats what they were. Remember how the 60's were in Chicago. The Panther movement, the Mafia, just alround crazy shit. Their was heavy shit in Chicago at the time, Keehan was really warped out of his mind absolute power corrupts absolutely.

See back then the porno was underground and the runaways and the girls who wanted to be stars. Their are girls and boys who get off buses everyday only to be sucked in by predators. Their is no level for sexual predators that these guys were in the 60' 70' 80' The porno industry is a rough game, heavy drugs , murder and kidnapping . My father states that their a bunch of Kool-aid drinker's referring to the the Rev. Jim Jones and the Jonestown massacre were they drank the poison

My father has no stomach for these guys, look homosexual blood magic just isn't right.
This is the history of the O.T.O from which Bertruix is the Supreme Grand Master That's what that post was all about its Kundalini sex magic from Haiti. Follow this Ordo Templi Orientis Antiqua it all Betruiax its all sex magic but the homosexual way. And all the Memphis-Misirim and this homosexual version from Bertruiax .

The paper that is Keehans on top of the post is a large part of his life, the influence him with cash ,girls and drugs. The guy had a pimp life but the cast of dark characters around him. William III gave this to me after a heated debate , only after I explained what I found and proved threw the documents that I had in my possession. And a few other people who connected the dots and what I did for them about Fall River. Seem the general view is that Fall River is a dark because of William jr and what he did in Chicago. Well that what it is so be it.

This is to everyone I don't care if I get mentioned at all. The film isn't about a classic martial arts film documentary like Oyama's. But its Floyd's movie he do it his way.

Look these dark people still exist in this world and they use the name of god and religion to control the weak minded.

Keehan was a very spiritual person only to be seduced by the dark side of power its so seductive.