Friday, March 28, 2008


See what Floyd Webb hates is the two things that Billy III has the film footage and the book . These are the major things in Floyd webbs movie . With out the footage and the book his movie suck, well the movie sucks already. Billy and I have the only footage of him in existence and the book WDFS is in his possession for a reason . He Keehan hated the Chicago guys for fuck in him over after the Dojo war. So it ended up in William Jr hands for a reason. So fuck you Floyd, you couldn't deal if you tried you never tried to negotiate.

Keehan was hear and he didn't want to be in Chicago at all, he broke all contact with them. Remember this they all had schools off of Keehans coat tails and they all made money on him .when his image would have ruined their cash registers they couldn't have that. They fucked the guy who made them who they are. In Fall River he was excepted with open arms and a fresh start with 4 established schools here. And all the action was already going on here, so fuck Chicago. Like this Joe Dorodaro we looked at the rolls that Keehan has from 1966 to 1970 and his name never shows up at all. So another Floyd Webb fakes in the BDFS international, Floyd you suck dick just like the rest of you faggot Chicago boys.

Floysd is a little man and he is married we skipped traced him with a P.I. . Not bad for a "wannabe gangster" Floyd Right, Didn't I tell you I'm filing against you in R.I. Federal Court I'll post the JS-44 form against you this week.

Your a racist asshole telling a movie of a racist asshole and their a alot of rascist assholes in Chicago then. So your little film means nothing. Your amature at best.