Sunday, March 30, 2008


This guys poison hand is as weak as Ashida Kim. These guys from the International fake BDFS are not reputable martial artists. Were did Felkoff get his Mastership and Day from a cracker jack box. Their not respected by any respectable martial artist. Floyds film gets weaker and weaker by the day when he involves himself with fakes like kim and Felkoff and Day. Their all from Chicago and their weak, the only one's who are respectable are Ray Cooper and Russel Brown.

The story is getting no play with respectable martial arts people. its because everybody who was alive at the time knows that the people in the film are not telling the truth when it comes to the events in Keehans life. Floyds interpretation of a small weak little black boy who meets an Irish Catholic Karate expert. You really have to be an martial artists to tell this story of how he rose to promince and how Chicago killed him and the betrayal of his friends and business associate's in Chicago.

Joe Dorado your Martial artists is weak, are you sure you don't have a diaper under those silk PJ's. Maybe you and Felkoff and Day can change each others diapers. And all you guys can go with Stoffel and they can go beat up some black people in South Africa. So floyd can affiliate himself with South African's who are racists towards African's. Thats fucked up Floyd.