Thursday, March 6, 2008


I guess court went well, Billy wanted mediation and Floyd didn't want that. He trying to say Billy doesn't own anything. So Floyd's being the ass now { not Know}. See this opens up a lot of different aspects of litigation.
So if Billy doesn't own it then my father has a right of litigation over the Barron Shepperd deal. So when Billy files for a declaratory judgement to the ownership of everything the book's the video's.
Guy's like Kung Fu Pimp better watch out, what he did with his zines is infringement hand's down . I bought a couple of the WDFS copies and the receipt for proof. So you better watch out when the judge says its Billy's. Your all going down. See Billy's smart in a way , by suing Floyd he gets what he wants all the intellectual property under one umbrella. He'll get more than he was getting before, he's forcing a deal hand's down. See it will go to a jury of regular people who will decide. Not high powered lawyers , but regular people. From South Boston who work for a living. They will know what to do, they woudn't want their shit stolen.
See Billy gave Floyd an out , by going to mediation it shows that it's personal from Chicago. The Judge actually questioned Julie Ahern on Floyd Webb's mental status. And Julie Ahern refused to answer the judge about his mental status. Thats something to think about.
I've talked to several people in Chicago , when I posted my e-mail. And they seem to think thats its personal. I think Billy pleaded it the wrong way. He's not doing to bad Pro Se , he only lost Ashida and that pussy Barron Shepperd on jurisdiction only.
This is just one of many law suits coming from Billy. This Judge declares that Billy own's the intellectual property. All your heads will end up in a pot of soup. Kung Fu Pussy you will be the first one.