Sunday, March 30, 2008


Foley and Hoag sent Ray Peck this letter. Mr Peck gave my father these over chow mein sandwiches in a Chinese restaurant. Mr Peck is the head of probate and family court , see their was amended paper submitted in Probate court. That really pissed Floyd and his lawyers off big time.
See its all about ownership, see Barron and Dwyer, and Felkoff want to cash in in return sales of BDFS and WKF merchandise. Sorry losers thats not going to happen. I wonder if Bob Sandon will be included in the initial disclosures or is that just another bold face lie from Floyd Webb once again. Floyd was saying that their wasn't a total buy out for the book in 1969. But once again Floyd is a liar who makes up stories to benefit himself without an proof what so ever. How come Bob Sandon isn't included in the case, because Floyd Webb lie's. I wonder how Floyd is going to like it when it happens to him.
I got my hand s on a dvd descrambler and I'll reap more profits from this movie than Floyd Webb will. Got a friend who can burn up to 100 dvd at one time. I'm ready for you Floyd. not bad for a "wannabe gangster" right Floyd. Lets see from the black market sales and my court case against you. I'll be reaping at least 35% to 45 % of your profits one way or another. And I can't wait to get a hold of your posters and advertisement's either.
Mr. Peck assured us that Floyd Webb has nothing in Fall River, that they have no grounds and they are desperate to get merchandising. He said once the judge declares that Billy owns the books and the logo's. Floyds going to pay William III one way or another. So Fuck You you wannabe film maker. I've talked to people in Tribeca film festival they never heard of you.