Friday, February 29, 2008


I've gone over every one's poison hand techniques and thought were are the entrances. See their are 7 , but I've never seen anybody doing them. Look poison hand is great if you can get their to do them.

Can I call my self a poison hand expert, ya I can .I have been in several streets situations. And I don't care who you are you are not going to use 4 poison hand techniques against someone . People just can't take it, an ocular eye slap is enough to dis able someone.

Joe Dorado looks good in red satin and his inside elbow's. But what takes you their in poison hand is off the charging T.

Will someone have the knowledge to do this from Chicago , probably Dwyer could that all. Poison hand was developed to fight in a phone booth " Dante's own word's". Your legs just get you their, but their are entrances with your legs that will work. Only to enhance the hand position's. And that's why the T was so formidable because when your in a bar full of people your not using circular movement's . Its a jam and some one's going down. It works straight on that's all , all fighting forms have severe limitations to them.

In Bill Aguiars you learned Oyama Style karate . You learned to kick and punch first. You were never introduced to poison hand until your Kyu grades. Think about this Billy Sr only promoted 20 black belt's in 35 years . That's no Mcdojo boy's. So few people really learned it as hard as my and Billy III. The training was severely hard and the punishment training was beyond comprehension . But our fighting skill is flawless. I never learned the game like mma I was taught to street fight. I never learned Sai, or Tonfa. I learned the bar glass and the baseball bat the car antenna weapons of opportunity. I only know Jujitsu I never learned Judo. Everything I learned was to completely crush my opponent and win . Its Kill or Be Killed on the street, that's the hard facts and poison hand has saved me. And yes I've got my ass kicked several times, before people embellish on that.

So show me some entrances or shut the fuck up. About knowing "Poison Hand"