Saturday, February 9, 2008


The proof is overwhelming we own the "Defense Combat" pictures and negatives pertaining to this issue. Above is an unreleased picture of William Aguiar Jr. in front of the "Magic Mushroom". Official Karate is asking the BDFS for advertisement. Also he who owns the negatives owns the intellectual property it clearly show who owns it, all you are crying about why I'm not posting this shit. But for you SIMON, somebody close to me use to call me "JAWNEY" and this why I did this for you to put this to rest once and for all. You guys don't want to argue with the truth. You just want to believe you own bullshit . Thats why I started the blog I right what I want and were still discussing only in a different way. So go head believe what you want to believe, I just had the story boards in my hand. And the other Official karate paperwork from Aguiar Jr and John Keehan / Count Dante who what are you going to say about that.

Billy is standing and stating " all pictures and negatives all paperwork pertaining to Defense Combat. Why does this stupidity always come up" and that what the man said.