Sunday, February 17, 2008


For once Floyd is telling the truth . See I couldn't be their for family reasons, and family goes ahead of you all. As far as the footage it's my fathers the so called footage from Barron it's the real footage. Why does my father have the only other copy in exzistance. My father knows the truth , he was just as close to Keehan as Billy's father, he still calls him John.

Floyd has an interview of my father he should play it . My father still wants to work with Floyd . Because he nows the truth and no one else does. My father nows it all. He's the only one in that nows the truth, not bullshit from people who weren't their at all.
Well Billy tried to sell my father down the tube's , thats alright. I now all the secrets about everything and I'm ready to tell. Floyd and Billy thats it I'm out Floyd's fucking me over with Barron and now Billy fucking me over with court. Ya I love it. Now what secret do you want to now.
Let's be clear so there are no more questions. I have a technical win in that the judge has determined that I have the right to fair use of the materials I have. I will go out on a limb here and risk irritatiing my lawyers and say that includes the footage that Creeden sold Sheppard for 1000 bucks. When the judge asked Aguiar why he did not sue Creeden, the transcript will show that Aguiar threw his hands up and said, "Your honor, that's coming!" He then went on to admit that he was not sure if Creeden Jr. shot the film or not. If I am not mistaken, he submitted no paper work or agreement between his father and Creeden, Jr. As I said the transcripts will show this. All the spin in the world will not change the actual transcript. It will all come to light whenever the transcript becomes available.Aguiar has been warned that if he pursues the case based on what he has, he is likely to lose.Fair Use is FIRMLY established per an open court statement by the judge. If with a lawyer he can come up with new information then so be itThere is a conference set for March 6 to decide what Mr. Aguiar wants to do with his newly acquired lawyer. Anymore questions? Wait until after March 6.