Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sum What do you think I should do.

What does everybody think I should do . Just back off continue . Alot of shit has been said,I don't care about Court neither does my father, he doesn't care one way or another of the situation. You can goof on me all you want it doesn't matter. I can stir Floyd with fact about Keehan from 1970 on to his death.

I always wanted this to happen, but the Barron Shepperd / Ashida kim thing was wrong they should have not lied to me . My father was originally giving the footage to Floyd anyways.

Also I know thye name of the "wrestler' in the tape. See this footage is original the one I sent Barron is 1st generation . IT WAS NEVER COPIED from a TV screen thats the funny part I let everyone run at the mouth about it.
Barron 81 years old mother thing is wrong and Floyd backed Barron up, when all along Floyd was telling me never sell something sight un-seen. If it wasn't my father's footage then why does he have it the only other copy of it.