Wednesday, February 13, 2008

For DSimon

Ya my Father is quite well off, yes it was quite expensive. Also were not saying that every Dante picture is our's Floyd is. Also very good attorney involved in the history of Dante was the lawyer who was the one who wrote the paper's

. Like this picture we can't do nothing with this, were not stupid we have had several discussion with Black Belt magazine. But Simon we have sevral articles and magazine's locked down and have been vetted and cleared threw our advisors and Black belt magazine's.

Look all were fighting is the two book's and the footage, thats it. And he can go off and make his movie. See the footage is the only one in exzistance of him doing poison hand. Floyd is a thief and he was stealing it all. So now he gonna pay for it one way or another.

See when Billy's suit is over in 09, We will see if Floyd is as cocky as he is now.

Heres a question for you all. Is it the man or the movie. If Billy can find someone who will do a movie with out Floyd will you be happy? Or is it just Billy you don't like. See what Floyd isn't telling you is that Billy's Attorney called Floyd webb for over 19 month's and never got a call back.

Like I said I have no problem with any of you, just Barron and Floyd. I feel bad for Ashida Kim/Radford Davis living like a fake all his life is sad.