Monday, February 18, 2008

To Darrel Simon

For someone who has had written work plagerized, you seem to throw in with the same sort that fucked you. And Kenny's right Floyd hasn't won anything yet. How come the case is thrown out. Ask yourself that the Judge stated that he believes that Billy owns the intelluctual property and Floyd tried to dis-agree with the judge. See guy's everybody is seeing what Floyd is a "white collar thief ".

And for court I would rather try and fail , then never try at all.

So I'm gonna become a doc film maker and when I take his film , I'll claim "Fair Use". Also lawyers are like cop's anything for a win for them, they don't care who they burn. I would love to see Floyd's face when he own's the copyright's to his film and I take it and claim "Fair Use".

Also this so called blog is doing alot of Damage to Floyd and his project . I've done more damage to him with this than the court case. I was working with Floyd bought him dinner at Tort's
then he introduced me to Barron Shepperd and all hell broke loose.