Wednesday, February 27, 2008


The people in the picture on the left is Andy Wilson and the right William V Aguiar Jr. from the 1966 in Chicago in Keehan's school. I had to fuckin fight with Billy to release it , with all the bad feelings between me and him . He relented the picture for proof to everyone that his father was their at that time in Chicago. The picture was shot by John F Creeden Jr after a heavy sparring session which Andy Wilson hit William Jr with a knife hand strike above the right eye and that why the patch over his eye.

They had to test that day for acceptance into the World Karate Federation. And then they partied at a friend of Barbara Kemp. And from what I'm told she was walking around this girls house wearing a sheer threw micro mini skirt and licking a lollipop. Those must of been fun times!!!!!!

But this was the time they were their to training . They lived in the dojo and trained 3 times a day and then partied all night they never stopped. Billy Jr has over 600 pictures from this era. Some would ruin people if they ended up respectable citizen's in Illinois. Well we all know that Barbra Kemp stayed the same way for a long time . Its also said that in a trial she was on the stand and she was sitting like a guy wearing no underwear .

Billy needs to go after Radford Davis I think he is the one infringing. But he wants Floyd's ass on the phone Billy was telling me that he used legal theft like eminent domain, or something like that and he wants to continue. I said arbitration to settle it. He states that if Floyd has Fair Use hands down then why didn't he just throw it out the Judge. It wasn't properly pleaded the info wasn't right and he state that he will bring them to court. What can I say it his ball .

When Billy spoke to Felkoff. Felkoff tried to say that they never went to Chicago and how would know. For someone who was never in the BDFS and only hold a Sho-dan in the WKF he knows alot "NOT". We checked Keehan rolls some months back from 1964 to 1969 and Felkoff never showed up on the rolls. And we checked the student rolls and they never showed his name not once. I'm not attacking Felkoff in anyway but the proof is proof.

All I want is the truth to be told, mind this alot of people have kid's and it was the 60' alot should stay in the 60' in a way. But a warped story being told would only twist a twisted story once again . Floyd once said that I adhere to the Darkside of Keehan, not so I stand to defend keehan and his willingness to put it all on the line and at anytime. He's a guy you would want going threw a door with you.