Thursday, February 7, 2008


In 2002 I was seriously thinking about going back into the military. I was running 5 miles a day and getting ready. I have a good friend who still in the AGR and is a 8nd airborne paratrooper in the 505th and another guy who ended up the Yogisan Air Base liason in Korea who was in the 325 of the 82nd. Well with those two guys I met a cw5{ chief warrant officer 5th grade} he was part of a SF A team who took down Shwali-Kot after Navy Seal Neal Roberts was blown out the door after a rpg struck the Chinook helicopter as it was trying to land. It is now known a "Robert's Ridge" today in Afganistan. And I honor the RANGER and COMBAT CONTROLLERS who were part of his team who landed and were cut down by the Taliban. Trying to save a fallen comrade, they lived by a code and die by that code. True warriors and they should never be forgotten.

This is the picture of Camp Delta

The last time I heard of him he was hunting Serbian War crimes leader to face trial in the Hague. I hope he's safe " HOOODDDSSSIIIEEEE I hope your safe, keep your pecker clean and your rifle clean. Hope to see you again

Well this particular CW5 in 2002 told us about a secret CIA camp in Cuba that select HVT { high value targets} for those who don't know. See you gotta understand how the CIA works now, because of the Patriot Act and the new Executive priveledges of the President of the Untied States and the CIA. See before 2002 the CIA couldn't operate inside the USA now it can. They can take you now and hold you up to 90 days and confiscate all your stuff with out a warrant if National Security issues are addressed.

See you have to understand the National Security Agencies are under Military control. Under the control of Four Star Air Force General Michael Hayden the first time in US history this has happened and today they told the world the that particular camp exzists

So I honor him he's a bad ass