Monday, February 18, 2008


Yu really have to consider that public interest in information is a vital part of progress. Forget your personal feelings for Floyd for a moment and think about intellectual property and where we would be as a society if there was no way that information could become public property at some point. Dante's story should be told....the revisionists, the purists, the witnesses need to be heard from.

I agree with that . But if Floyd wasn't a documentary film maker he would be up shit creek with out a paddle. Ownership is ownership, so I can go into your personal life and alter anything I want.

"Shit" I want the story to be told its about "fuck it about time the story is told , its only solidify my lineage in stone. Simon he could tell the story with out the footage and the book's. I've talked to lawyers at United Artist's and Walt Disney world and they told me that Floyd and Fair Use is wrong, and how he's going about it. Ownership is ownership.

Personally I really don't care about what happen's . You know what I'm pissed at the fuckin me and my father got in court from Billy. My father shot the footage, but the diaster I got myself into trying to cover his ass no more. I'm going to write the blog the right way and you guy's can believe what you want.

I'm not going to ruin myself for him no more in the face of all of you. I've always wanted the film to be made. The funny thing is that my father want to still work with Floyd so do I, trust me my friends ob Bullshido was just wrong to Floyd and I take responsability for that mess. But you see Billy took no heat at all about nothing I took it all.

Patricio I understand now what went on, Billy gave me all the info on you and your mother . And think how would I know that info.