Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Stop lying John The police report doesn't lie. And thats house that you were busted in right.

The police report was very specific about your involvement, and I never heard of a 400 dollar lawyers get your facts straight. You also ramble like a coward trying to hide is tale. You didn't expect me to post the house that you got busted for drugs in John . Like I said I'm way ahead of you John in all aspects of life. You are nothing and I qoute Billy " Hes a slug living in a apartment trying to ride my coat tails " end quote. You brought this shit up again just shut up . You think Floyd cares about you he's using you like a "bitch". I can handle anything you ham and egger's throw my way. I heard some real bad stories about you today your a nasty little cruel person who picks on weaker people.