Thursday, February 7, 2008


How come none of this is in your pleadings Barron/Return of the ninja and Floyd. This is the slander I'm talking about you can't prove a thing the Torts slander suit is coming in Federal Court but this one is Rhode Island. You just character assassinate someone because your the thief's. Also on the 1BDFS blog only Barron Shepperd has responded to Webbs his asshole plug's. About the BLOG. The Proof was shown it's not on Bullshido and your own blog. Because Floyd you will look like such an asshole
Late Night Calls to 81 year old mothers?Part of the investors decision was triggered by someone making a call to the investors 81 year old mother in the middle of the night telling "your son is dead." We do not know who made the call, we levelled no accusations. But it came after a heated argument between the investor and John Creeden III who told him how long his arms could reach and his associations with the Irish Mafia in Florida. This was deleted from my blog a few days ago. But I am putting it back after seeing John Creeden III announced online I gave someone $7500.00 for images I got off of He says he is going for a job in law enforcement. Go figure.The bulk of the footage sent was of Bill Aguiar, Jr. Footage I obtained long ago by going to and using the "wayback machine. " Footage that is on existing BDFS DVDs on Ebay and for mail order. Click on this and get for free what they charged someone $1000.00 for.The only new footage was the wrestling footage.
This is were Floyd Webb admits that he has the footage that he used illegally. Its was the fight with the wrestler that they wanted. Were the proof of theses accusations phone records of a mother . See Radford Davis and Barron Shepperd have the same 81 year old mother HHMMMM. Question in Court your going to have to answer to.