Monday, February 4, 2008



QUOTE " if their is a lesson to be learned by this I can think of several believe me, I have learned a very diffacult lesson. Thought I blame myself to a great extent I still look at discust on the cowardly actions of the infamous three and the green dragon instructor force.... all fine examples of karate and kung fu men"

So Keehan didn't like Felkoff and Day he blamed them in a way , he blamed them in a way for their cowardice. Felkoff ran and then came back only to be wounded.

Fom Black Belt magazine.

CHICAGO, Illinois - In what was described as a "business feud" between two
rival martial arts schools, The Black Cobra Hall of Kung Fu Kempo and The House of
Dante, one man was stabbed to death and another suffered severe eye injuries.
Instructors and students at the Black Cobra Hall told police they were invaded by
six men, led by John Keehan, who is also known as "Count Dante. " Just prior to the
incident, a phone call was received at the Black Cobra Hall in which the callers allegedly
stated, "A bunch of guys are on their way to bust your joint up."
After hearing a knock at the door, a student opened it and Keehan entered with his
men, produced a deputy sheriff's badge and was said to have stated, "We're from the
sheriffs police. You're all under arrest."
Jose Gonzales, an instructor at the Black Cobra Hall which is owned by Russell
Berkman, had been standing near the door when the men entered. He said that it was
Keehan who hit him "with something" that very nearly took out his right eye. Gonzales
underwent surgery at Belmont Community Hospital for a laceration of his right eye. His
condition is described as "fair."
Jerome Greenwald, the man charged with the murder of James R. Koncevic, told
police that the invaders carried their own weapons. He was quoted by police as saying
that Koncevic was punching him during the free-for-all that ensued. Greenwald said he
grabbed a knife (one of the several weapons which lined the wall of the school) and
plunged it into Koncevic's abdomen.
As soon as the melee started, someone had called the police and they arrived on
the scene to find Koncevic lying dead in a doorway and captured the invaders as they
were running away.
Jerome M. Greenwald has been charged with murder and was granted bond of
$2,500 by judge John F. Hechinger. Greenwald was released on payment of $250, or 10
percent of the total bond. judge Hechinger said he ordered the low bond because
circumstances indicated that Greenwald probably acted in self-defense.
Bond was set at $15,000 for John Keehan who was charged with aggravated
battery, impersonating a police officer and criminal damage to property. Keehan, who
said he had recently changed his name legally to Count Dante, had previously been
placed on a two year probation in 1965 after he was convicted of the attempted arson of
another karate school, the Chicago Judo and Karate Center, Inc.
Also arrested and charged with disorderly conduct were Russell Berkman, Patrick
Garrison and Gary Bennett.