Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Floyd Webb
Feb 6, 08 - 6:47 AM
Dungeon Master Dante, SexSlave Holding....Duh bdfs Blog Well, I guess somebody is REALLY reaching out for attention. He claims a lot of stuff he STILL cannot prove is true. They miss the point entirely. This is about mythology and reconciling it with reality. Sex Shows, sex slaves, all of that is crap without proof. They said Bertiaux was some dark occult master and what I found was a mild mannered very adept mytic with an extensive background in voudon. They have a childhood of tall tales they want to keep alive and I ain't believing of it without proof.
Remember Floyd I copy and pasted it from your Blog link
So be mad at Summ one bumm. Your just mad that your gonna loose your shirt.Your trying to discredit the true leadership of the WKF and the BDFS and I'm not letting that happen. We have the truth , your the one who told me about a sex slave under his stairs. So whats the story what about the 6 cents stamp now Floyd, you have nothing to say about that. Even with proof you run around to the 1bdfs forum to the only people who will listen to you.
This is the guy who belives Ashida Kim/ Radford Davis has done more for the BDFS than William Jr. and the III. If you pay Floyd he will believe anything.
After the blackballing of Dante in Chicago, primarily because the death of Jim Konsevic in the 1970 Dojo/Dragon War, he was befriended by Bill Aguiar, a karate instructor from Fall River, MA. They became very close, with Dante going to Fall River to help Aguiar open another school to teach the Black Dragon concepts. In several articles in Black Belt Magazine it was reported that the leadership of the Black Dragon Fighting Society was passed on to Aguiar as well as development of it's concepts. Aguiar claims not only leadership of the school but ownership of all intellectual property and copyrights as well. Yet I have an interview with Crista Dante that was emailed to me in which she states all business interest were signed over to her. She is nowhere to be found presently but I have a feeling she is going to turn up at some point. Then the truth with come out.
This is your righting Floyd. You never find Christa !!!!!!!!!! We now exactly were she is. Also their were several phone call's made at the time of his death to Chicago that were made to several associations in Calumet City Illinois,_Illinois and Cierco Illinois,_Illinois believe it or not it's the truth the outfit is their and still their Floyd. Just like the BDFS they don't go away.