Saturday, February 2, 2008


Everybody seem's to think that the introduction to the Martial Art's from Keehan/Dante was from Mas Tamura. Sorry it was his brother Vince Tamura who originally introduced Keehan to Mas Tamura. Vince Tamura trained with Keehan years before the introduction to Mas Tamura.

Remember that the Japanese back then they didn't teach to outsiders and forgeiners. It was the introduction from Vince that lead to Keehan training with Mas Tamura. Vince Tamura was a legend in his own right The info that we got was from Keehan's diary lead us to investigate the origin's . Which lead us to Dallas,Texas and in which they sent us pictures of Mas Tamura and John Keehan together they were quite friendly. Another thing they told me is that Mas Tamura trained in Ju-Te butnthey said their was no proof in that. I have set up an appointment with Mr. Tamura by phone to interview him. Discoveries are popping up. When you have an archive as old as the one we have the info is endless, crossed reference with Keehan Diary. The history is endless.
If Floyd played fair he would have this info. Sorry we will make a better movie.