Monday, February 11, 2008



1. Give directions to the Golden Gate Club or name a club nearby it2. tell me about the curfew 3. explain what an "ammo bowl" is.4. the customs and costs associated with the women employed by a bar (they're not hookers)

1 In Songtan that one, or the one outside of Camp Hovey. The one in Sontang theirs The Young Chon and the UN.

2. The Curfew { which is the terrorist curfew} terrorist only attack at night bewtween 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. Ya learn that the day you get their . DDDUUUUHHHH

3. "THE AMMO BOWL " the softball games come one man you gotta do better than that.

4 A "THE JUICY GIRL" Yes I'm guilty like every other person their.Most of the bars here in Korea have what are called Juicy Girls. In some clubs they just sit with you or play pool with you; in others, they dance very scantily clad, put on various types of shows youll never drink beer the same way again, but all are doing the job for a disgustingly low salary. They are contracted from Russia, Philippines, Malaysia, Nepal, and various places in Korea just to name a few. Some actually enjoy doing it, some are paying off debts that were incurred by themselves or their family. When you go into the clubs that have the dancing girls, you will notice some things. First off, if the girl is generously proportioned in the abdominal area, hips, or legs: shes paying a debt. If she is Korean and is top heavy, they are fake or she has a mixed bloodline. If the dancer is wearing a one piece, she had a baby or has stretch marks. If she isn�t wearing a thong, its a female thing.So, here is where the pathetic part comes in. Most guys get upset when a regular female patron asked them to spend 2500 WON on a beer. Yet, the drinks that these same guys are buying for the Juicy girls who they have even less of a chance of going home with than the female patron are anywhere from 6000 WON to 10000 WON. AND THESE GUYS BUY THEM! Oh, and most of the time, all the drink has in it is Orange Juice. Hence the term, Juicy Girl. Now dont be fooled by thinking that the bars that dont have dancing girls dont have Juicies. They all do. The really funny thing is what is called ticketing or Bar-Fining. This is where a male patron pays the club that a certain Juicy Girl works at $100/hr or $200/night (Sunday / Thursday) or $300 night to take her out. She is basically an escort. On top of this cost, you have to pay for everything for her that night as well. Every night, I see at least twenty bar-fines walking around downtown. Granted these girls only get two nights off a month. But�most of these girls have boyfriends already or are married. You have to love it. I had three girls in a house 15 dollars us to do all you cleaning. I dont know why I wrote such along post It gave me memories.

So SUMones Bumm , sorry wrong again . Were did you get your military education from.