Saturday, February 2, 2008


This un- released picture of Doug Dwyer is one of 96 pictures we have of Dwyer alone. If you look at the Black Belt it says Douglas Dwyer on it . We really have all the info on the life and thoughts of Keehan/Dante. Its really sad that the so called original members of the Black Dragon Fighting Society try to defraud the true successor of the lineage and the system. The more they try to conspire to make money over the death of several friends .

When were done with this we'll come after them. They are not part of the organization for over 35 years , but because a film maker. Everybody wants to cash in on Dante's death especially Keehans friends from Chicago and their coming out of the woodwork. Keehan had a saying for his friend's from Chicago "MAVEN'S". When he was delivering peanut's at Wrigley Staduim to make money in 1971 nobody from Chicago helped him out , the only exception was Russel Brown he was the only one who stuck by him.

Dwyer turned his back on Keehan and refused to take his calls . And I've heard stories of Dwyer closing the door on Keehan when he went to his home after Konsevic's death. Keehans friends all turned their backs on him and now their trying to make a fast buck off of the movie. Something thats they state we are trying to do.

Felkoff and Day are the two who we their part of the Dojo War. Trustworthy No ,I would be ashamed to speak of something especially the death of a friend from which I had a hand in . But
I've read conflicting stories in magazines and heard some really intresting stories from William Jr. But speaking to Felkoff myself you don't have to talk to him long to find out his education level isn't high. Most martial artists are ignorant and not educated anyways. All their trying to do is make money off of a dead friend. They do have blood on thier hands over Konsevic and now their trying to cash in. the thank you s and the credits will be longer than the film.

Joe Dorado never heard of him another legend in his own mind out of Chicago, I hear he's packing up with Felkoff.

Woodrow Edgell founder of Ju-Te we have some really intresting item's and articles on him. My father respects him for some reason. Dante diary speaks of him often.