Monday, February 18, 2008

Chaos you have no idea what really went on.

You have no idea what really went on . Floyd's transcript will tell all I'm out of this now . What I ment about the blog toward's Floyd made it apparent that I'm doing alot of damage and Floyd's more worried about me than the case.

Also I had family commitments, also I'm a witness for both parties. If you know the law being their would show bias towards one or another. I've seen what lawyers do to hostile witnesses.

Also Chaos you have some really strong opinions about this, why so mad . Is it so far from your minds to think to fight for something that my fathers. Do you have a father or one that even cared.

Also theirs a reason why I kept my father out of this, My father doesn't even want to talk to him at all threw this. Also my father was giving him the Beta tape out right , but when Barron Shepperd came in all hell broke loose . Caught barron in a lie and Floyd tried to cover for him. Thats what my problem is.