Saturday, February 16, 2008

Here's what really happened

1. Barron Shepperd and Radford Davis were let go because of personal jurisdiction wrong state . Simple mis-take we'll file in their states and now we ran over a small bump in the road.
It was dismissed with-out predijuice Floyd . Thats means Billy woudn't have to pay their attorney fee's so get that straight.
2. The judge told Floyd Webb that Billy own's the intelluctual property. And Floyd didn't believe the judge . See the court case is mutually assured destruction.
3. As far as me being their boy's they were afraid of Billy alone with John Cole. Billy told Floyd that stop the "mud slinging". And Floyd was afraid of me I guess I'm really hurting his movie. Why you ask because were the real deal.
4. The Judge asked Billy in Chambers if he was alright with Floyd Webb coming into the room. Floyd was very scared at this point. Floyd new he screwed Billy , all he has is Fair Use and nothing else.
5. Floyd told the judge that Billy was my Master and he has to control me. And Billy laughed and the Judge interceded and said you can control someone so far. But some really intresting tid-bits did come out.
6. I told you all once again that I was not privy to the court case and it's working's.
ROUND ONE FLOYD, THE WAR ISN'T OVER . I been asked by John Cole to not attack Floyd Webb for the time being I will honor that . But let's see if he mud sling's " The I feel bad for Billy shit gotta stop" I feel bad for you Floyd I'm gonna do the same thing you did with Billy to you and claim "Fair Use"
Also Mike Scremph or whatever your name its Floyd looks like the total fool taking someones stuff with out permission. We are the " BLACK DRAGON FIGHTING SOCIETY" AND THEIR NOT. Stop trying to include me in this this was Billy's thing not mine. I would have handled it on a more personal level if you now what I mean. Mike you want me to make your phone ring to it's really easy if you have the right equipment. Hahahahahahah RING RING
I have a good friend in Kaifeng,China were Black market movies are sold world wide . I've been sending Mr Shong money to buy case after case of dvd's to burn Floyd's movie. I'll make a bigger killing than Floyd in the black market. When you want something pirated go no were else China is the place. So good luck all.