Saturday, February 23, 2008


This is from my father on Keehan military records. Keehan was in the Marines never in the Army. He was thrown out of the Marines for minor marijuana possession.

Keehan never fought for Castro he fought against him he fought for Battista. A Mobster named Johnny Rosselli and Sam Giancana took Keehan in 1958 to Cuba to party and set up business in Cuba for Rosselli and Giancana . After the cultural revolution the mobsters were out and Castro was in kicking everybody out . After all he was a communist and Battista was not , Battista played ball with the mobster's and the U.S government. Watch Godfather two and you see some of it. Hyman Roth is Johnny Rosselli wake up people this is the Chicago outfit. These are the things that my father knows.

Also their was no operation Water Buffalo, It's Operation Mongoose that Dante did logistical support to kill Castro , because Keehan was their. This operation was a precursor to the failed Bay of Pig's invasion. Also look up Operation Northwood's operation Keehan had a hand in that one, threw a guy named Robert Maheu this guy was CIA from what my father tells me. He recruited Sam Trafficante from Miami to help in the ways to kill Castro because the investments that they lost some 130 million when Battista fell.

Also for some thought my father said that Sam Giancana was shot dead in his Oak park home 5 month after Keehan suspected death. Giancan was suppose to testify before a committe on intellegence. Roselli testified and a few days later Giancana was dead.

Also my father respects the people who have families involved. Konsevics being one of them. My father has tears in his eyes when he speaks of Konsevic such a tragic loss.

That's how my father tells the story. My father state that all the info can be found in the Family Jewels documents. That were declassified a couple of years ago.