Saturday, February 9, 2008


I may spell screwed up but at least I never got one of my friends "KILLED" Kung Fu Pimp. We all know its you. We know who you are a simple call to a private investigator in Nevada and Chicago confirmed that. You seem to think that because you ancient and almost dead that your smarter than us. But one thing is for sure I will travel anywere to piss on your grave. I look at discust at you because from were I'm from you never leave a "fallen comrade behind" . You may laugh at the way I type but I never got one of my people killed no matter how many wounds I recieved. And if your a relative of friend of his then you must be proud of a coward. And once again I'm not MattKiley nor Ken Patricio who you tried to ban before Patricio stepped in. Felkoff what are you like 120 all your life. When I was 12 I was capable of blasting you off the mat in your hey day. I have been to mainland China have you. You never stepped foot in China, Vietnam is not China my friend. I'm a man I don't hide behind an alias like everybody.

Kung Fu Pimp
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Serves me right for lettin' so much time pass between visits. It was downright painful readin' through the new postings of John "I'm so dumb every keystroke reads like DNA evidence on rape victim" Creeden.

Oh, my bad. "Matt Kiley."

In the never-ending effort to excuse his brutal butchering of the English language, Creeden always attempted to defend himself by saying he's from Ireland. As if everything about his new persona wasn't a dead give away, he creates the name Matt Kiley, a good ol' fashioned Irish name?


Too bad he got termed again before I could come in with my Sherlock Holmes act.