Sunday, February 3, 2008


As for knowledge of Dante. Some will say that Billy never knew Keehan he was born in 1975 . But you can't say that about me I was their. Their a picture of me with Keehan watching the Fall of Saigon in April of 75 on the floor. I learned the term " slant eyed sloped headed mother fucker" from him. Was Keehan a "racist" hell ya . His distain for the oriental or slant eye was staright out of mississippi burning he hated them. He hated them with a passion. You just don't have to hate black's to be a racist. Floyd is doing a documentary on a racist . But hey I did a paper on Martin Luther King who would have known.

My fathers relationship with Keehan was strong. You talk about Billys archive. None knows of mine and my fathers the pictures of Christa Knorath,Keehan,Dante Sykes. Christa was a stunner gorgeous my mother has pictures of her sleeping on my bed drunk. She was fun she was a bunny she put the hot in "hot pant's" every little boys dreams. To have a playboy bunny sleeping in your bed. She was young 22 at the time and Keehan was 35 but Keehan had several girlfriends here including Barbara Kemp she came here from Chicago. The " Heidi Fleiss" of Chicago or den mother she was gorgeous to but she was schrewed and manipulative.

I've talked to several black belt's here that new Keehan and they have agreed to give me their films and their pictures of Keehan. Their a good one from my fathers pictures of Keehan in William Jr's car with a sawed off shotgun on his lap and a 45. caliber pistol in his belt. And a box of negotiable bearer bond's with the vouchers attached. Sounds like some missing money never reported stolen from the Puralator Robbery.
The only people who can tell you the truth of Keehan/Dante from 1968 to 1975 is John Cole and my Father John F Creeden Jr. The rest are just bullshitting even me I saw the aftermath of Keehans death but I couldn't tell you particulars name,places,. Thats all in my fathers head he nows it all. Like what happened to all his jewerly and why did he change the corporate structure before his death. Only my father knows and no one else. And he has all the secrets on the Chicago martial artists ,the porno, the hookers, the illegal drug's, the murders, the mob hit's all of it.
Look at it this way Keehan was fucking Sam Giancana girlfriend, but so was John F Kennedy at the same time in history. Keehan and the girl met in Hyannis It all started with a trip to Hyannis with my father and the rest was history.
So you guy's and girl's and Sumone' Bumm now shit. Your all thieves and agitators that left a man broke from were he lived. You all turned your backs on him now their trying to cash in Losers.
Floyd how do you fell that you documentary is on a racist.