Friday, February 22, 2008


My father wanted me to post this so everybody will finally get the truth finally . He shot the footage and other article's pertaining to Billy Jr and The BDFS and WKF at the time of 1970 to 1988 when he left. He doesn't care who own's it he ran it . He personally ran Billy Aguiars as the manager from 1970 to 1988. Shot the footage in question. Which know one has no signature to nothing at all.

He states this quote " Floyds lawyers are trying the same thing we've been telling everyone about Barron Shepperd, No signature's no rights ".

At this point and time in his life he just laughs at this and say's "John would loves this shit" he lived for it.

But my father has some reservations about the story its not being told the right way. My father wants to know were these people are.

1. Andy Wilson a 6'5 350 lbs black man who use to drive a bus for the city of Chicago. He was a friend of Russel Brown. In 1966 when they were their for the first time . In sparring Wilson gave William Jr. a knife hand strike on top of the left eye of Aguiar Jr.
He was their when they lived in the dojo. For three months they were their. Billy III has the picture to prove it.

2. James Cheetham when my father knew him he was in the "Brothers for a Democratic Society" that was before the Black Panthers. My father tells a story of them going out with 50 black guys and four white. Leaving Tiara Apartments where Dante lived getting into Dante Cadillac convertible . And tearing the town up. My father talks about a guy named Hubert Brown
and Huey P Newton and Stockley Carmichael who were patying with Keehan and My father and Billy Jr. Who went to a underground club and partied to the wee hours of the morning.

3. Thomas Sexton 7 th Dan under the WKF he was also instrumental to the growth of the WKF at the time. And knew Keehan closely.

4. Edward Miller another 7th or 8th dan in the WKF he was also instrumental in the growth of the organization. And also knew Keehan closely.

Look at it this way when Dante was blackballed the only one who did not turn his back was Russel Brown. He was a cop at the time but did not distance himself from Dante , he knew what was going on. My father also states that people are not telling the truth , they have reputations to protect.

People need to start telling the truth. He states this.

1. Felkoff is not telling the truth about the Dojo war. If he pulled John in front of a spear and saved him . Then why did the cops find Keehan under a desk.

2. Beatruix and his merry band of men are not telling the truth at all. "Spiritual Advisor" my ass their a dark sexual sub culture in Chicago. he states that everybody from Chicago has a couple of lives they live. It was these guys who ran the porno shops at the time of all of this. His merry men.

As for the film my father states that he doesn't gives a shit what Floyd and Billy says. The ownership of the film is mine. He understands Floyd's relationship with Barron was a financial backer who now owns a small percentage of the film in return for the investment. But he should have been more professional in his way of handling of such a matter.

Billy doesn't own the footage when it all comes out . Their no ownership when my father left he left everything in 1988. His gi to his clothes he walked out never to return. one day he was their and another day it was over.

I hold no ill will toward no one except "Barron Shepperd". I'll have my day with him he a big talker on the net. but I bet face to face he crumble like Radford Davis a true pussy .

My father states this " The story is about Keehan" your all a bunch of puppets on his stage. And thats how he wants it.

As for no ownership of the film my father own it . See Floyd's lawyers know that and so does Floyd. Then your fighting a moot fight in the end, only to open up pandora's box. See me and my father knew this all along. My father to old of a cat to be fucked by kitten's.

Let's be clear so there are no more questions. I have a technical win in that the judge has determined that I have the right to fair use of the materials I have. I will go out on a limb here and risk irritatiing my lawyers and say that includes the footage that Creeden sold Sheppard for 1000 bucks. When the judge asked Aguiar why he did not sue Creeden, the transcript will show that Aguiar threw his hands up and said, "Your honor, that's coming!" He then went on to admit that he was not sure if Creeden Jr. shot the film or not. If I am not mistaken, he submitted no paper work or agreement between his father and Creeden, Jr. As I said the transcripts will show this. All the spin in the world will not change the actual transcript. It will all come to light whenever the transcript becomes available has been warned that if he pursues the case based on what he has, he is likely to lose.Fair Use is FIRMLY established per an open court statement by the judge. If with a lawyer he can come up with new information then so be itThere is a conference set for March 6 to decide what Mr. Aguiar wants to do with his newly acquired lawyer. Anymore questions? Wait until after March 6.

This opens up a new question from which your lawyers and my father knew all along.

Floyd may hate me so be it " you reap what you sew". I don't care one way or another. But tell the truth when you investigate. Its about the truth weather it hurts or not, your not doing it no justice if your telling a tainted story. I'm not attacking you in no way. But when we cross reference your material with ours and Billy III archives. Their are some big discrepancies in their stories. I heard the dojo war from Keehan himself when I was a child making them drinks. And if anyone who knew Dante/Keehan he drank one drink only "Navy Grog".

So in closing I'm gonna tell the truth as I can prove. Which by my proof people need to come clean.