Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Its really funny how fast you respond
See one thing I've learned on the net, is writing style. So I'll play along ask Floyd he foia'ed my records already. Thats how I know its you because you already have them. So stop playing around. Trying to character assassinate Billy isn't going to work, you know my friend Mattkiley is preparing an harrasement and slander suit. just like when i told you you were going to be sued and that happened. We are going to add all of this to the suit you have 2 more suit coming at you. And for one you had better names like Vlad the Impaler, Joey Chicago, Archango88 but a Korean name that just wrong an inferior breed. read Karate is for SISSIES. I will not engage in debate no more. I'm am who I am and theirs no denying that why is Floyd Webb trying to harrass certain indavisuals , and a guy like that is twisted thats why his wife left him. HAR DE HAR HAR so enjoy . Its gonna be an intresting next couple of months. And another thing how fast you respond is another give away. And those freakin lazer beams are on a something quite different from were I come from my friend. And the 2 second guy in the back on the left is me and my lazer beam. Panama 97