Monday, November 10, 2008


This is an addition to the blog were I found the article They just added this. Talk about back stepping. I have followed Ashida Kim and his worthless minions for years. You don't need to explain yourself your even more busted by doing this.

Their whole exzistance is based on a lie. Like Marty Cale who owns this web-site Who is in the International BDFS
Head of Family

Douglas Dwyer - 10th Degree - Chicago

Assitant Head

Woody Edwell - 10th Degree - Chicago

Joseph Dodaro - 8th Dgree - Chicago

Victor Moore - 10th Degree - North Carolina

Michael Felkoff - 10th Degree - Las Vegas

Lawrence Day - 10th Degree - Florida

Marty Cale - 10th Degree - Arkansas

Stoffel van Vuuren - 10th Degree - South Africa

John Ward - 8th Degree - Ireland

Carlos Dias - 10th Degree - Puerto Rico

Shihan David Haliva - 6th Degree - Israel

Samuel Joseph Lonewolf - 10th Degree - Texas

I can tie it in all day long. Its ok you talked about shit that you shouldn't have talked about. This is what I expect from people like you and Kim and Shepperd dummies and frauds.

Also the story proves that it did happen, so you fail. So man up and keep your mouth shut next time.

P.S. 11/6/2008 - It has come to my attention in my comments section, that after my article was written that someone is trying to use it on another site as a means of misrepresentation or fabrication. I feel that I need to clarify a couple of things. It was never my intent to tarnish anyone who attended the seminar or anyone else including Mr. Aguiar or have my article be used in such a way to do so. First, I never personally witnessed or heard anyone mention Mr. Aquiar's name or the BDFS for that matter.

Dwyer was a visiting an old friend and student Lawrence Day. While he was here in Florida he offered several classes during the weekend. I find it far presumptous on Mr. Aquiar's part to even suggest that this had anything to do with him, nor do I recall anyone with the name Aguiar even attending the seminar. I also find it difficult to believe people would travel hundreds of miles just to conspire against Mr. Aguiar.

Second, Mr. Shepherd was only there for two of the six classes. He arrived late friday afternoon so he didnt make Mr. Dwyer's first class but he was there for the second class and then left saturday about lunch time after the third class. Mr. Dwyer was disappointed at Shepherd's leaving and expressed it to him by wanting him to stay for one more class. Everyone else that attended stayed for the entirity of the 6 classes.

Mr. Shepherd seemed to have alot in common with a group of Shotokan karate people who were at the seminar and was mostly conversing and hanging out with them. While Dwyer, Day, Luthor and Kim who were the oldest, all in thier sixties to be exact, were hanging out together for the most part. I never witnessed what Mr. Aguair claims happened.

For Mr. Aguiar to attempt to use my article to prove a "conspiracy" as he puts it, that in all actuallity, in my presence did not happen, is complete fabrication and misuse of my article.