Monday, November 10, 2008


I'm not much of a talker. But I have to do this. I won't speak on matter pertaing to the current case at hand. But this article speak wonders of what I've been saying for some time now. First off Barron Shepperd he said for sometime that he has no affiliation with Radford Davis and their he is. Creeden has spoke of this repeately, but everyone said no your a friggin wacko their is no affiliation and no conspiracy. But their it is its all there.

And also the You-tube video which they comment on "Men in tights the person in the video is Barron Shepperd" And we all know that you can't edit a you -tube video. So Barron You busted big time. He's at 34 seconds and at 1:15
Link: And Barron Shepperd is a 7th Dan come on it took me all my life to attain that rank.

And Mr Dwyer he never saw Keehan after 1970 and I have proof of that. And he wasn't at the 68 convention and I have proof of that to. Now Dwyer was their come on when did that happen. Its a good read and why would they all be together.

Look I've dealt with Ashida Kim for along time he's nothing. But being e-mailed from Barron Shepperd saying that he doesn't know him and now their together. All I can say is I told you so.

To be in the Black Dragon Fighting Society you have to have balls and my John Handcock. Which none of you have.

And Felkoff using my father diploma, look you all contacted me. I never seaked any of you out at all your all fakes and frauds.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008
GM Doug Dwyer Seminar
Master Doug Dwyer came to Florida to hold several classes for his long time student and friend Grand Master Lawrence Day. The series of classes began on Friday and lasted the entire weekend covering the original dances of death. The first to arrive of course were 7th degree black belt Joe Cayer along with several of his students including 2nd degree black belt Walter Knochenmus, Jr. grandmaster David Harris, Sensei Mike Mitchell from Fort Lauderdale. The infamous ninja master, Ashida Kim and Sensei Shakur from Mississippi along with others were the next to arrive. They all had traveled from different states to meet the man who knew John Keehan for over twenty years and trained with and ran Keehan’s classes in Chicago in the 60’s and 70’s.

Dwyer was introduced to all attending by Grand Master Lawrence Day. Grand Master Day then proceeding to introduce others to each other for several minutes all were mingling and having very jovial conversation. Dwyer was introduced and mingled having conversation with everyone and after about twenty minutes the class began.

It was apparent from the onset that Grand master Dwyer was in remarkable shape for a man who was 69 years of age. His punches, kicks and blocks were smooth, snappy and clean. The students that listened intently were from and eclectic array of styles either Japanese or Chinese styles some experienced in both some in just one. Some such as 7th degree black belt Joe Cayer had black belts in other styles as well as instructorship In Iaido. Sensei Barron Shepherd had several Japanese styles under his belt ranging from 2nd degree black belt to 7th degree black belt.

The class ran on and then Doug Dwyer made some lovely comments to his wife who was also present and observing. He then pointed out a few things to a young woman named Lydia Cameron the only white belt in attendance. He asked Sensei Mitchell to demonstrate a couple of kicks such as the round house and side Kick which Mitchell performed with relative ease. After a few more moments of practice he then asked if anyone knew or had practiced Judo. After a few moments sensei Shepherd said he did. Master Dwyer then asked Shepherd his rank in judo and Shepherd answered he was a 2nd degree black belt. Dwyer had a little impromptu demo with Shepherd and then commented that he would like to have Shepherd demo some break falling techniques at a later date. A few more moments passed and then class was concluded. All began to mingle and have conversation again. After speaking with other members of the group Doug Dwyer and Ashida Kim spent several moments speaking. Ashida Kim was diminutive and ninja like in stature, and as Lawrence Day commented on, was in excellent shape. He was polite and some what soft spoken as he, Day and Dwyer spoke. After another twenty minutes or so all were off to a local restaurant.

Once all arrived at the restaurant, Senseis Day, Dwyer and Kim sat in close proximity and spoke of the 68 democratic convention and china town. It was apparent that Ashida Kim and Doug Dwyer along with John Keehan had all been there. Dwyer then verified that Keehan and he were indeed teaching some classes there as well. Dwyer then fascinated the table of martial artists of stories from the good old days. It was apparent he and Keehan were long time running buddies with a penchant for getting up to their eyeballs in trouble and fighting their way out of it. Knochenmus, Cayer, Shepherd, Mitchell and Shakur all were chatting on the opposite side of the huge round table. It seemed that everyone in attendance were hitting it off well. Knochenmus and Shepherd spoke to each other all most the entire time sharing experiences in the military and speaking about Knochenmus' grandchildren.

As the food arrived Sensei Joe Cayer said a prayer and blessed the food and conversations started again. Lydia Cameron had made a cake and all had desert. It was definitely to die for. Sensei Shepherd especially liked it and had two pieces. After dessert all leisurely strolled outside chatting and laughing then after several minutes said their good byes and agreed to meet for the next class at 8 am.

Day, Cayer. Knochenmus, Shepherd, Harris and Kim all went back to Day’s hotel room and continued conversation. On the way back Shepherd was asked about his involvement with a documentary on Keehan’s life. Shepherd was jovial and then became serious. All listened as he explained his situation it was apparent he had some enemies that in his mind needed to be dealt with.

The group of instructors seemed to hit it off well as the conversation lightened. They spoke of Dwyer, Keehan and made fun of common enemies. At one point one of the quests played a video he had made which consisted of some martial art group demonstrating to a sound track of a comedic Mel Brooks movie that was especially funny. Shepherd then made the comment that he got blamed for making the video and the quest that had brought it for all to see quickly apologized to him. The hilarious video proved to be a bonding moment for Shepherd and Sensei Cayer as they laughed hysterically. It was obvious both men had seen the video for the first time.

Both Cayer and Shepherd seemed alot a like in the sense that both were men of conviction. Cayer a seemingly more spiritual type leader, who was hosting the seminar at his dojo the next morning was cordial, friendly and went out of his way to make all feel welcome. While Shepherd was more samurai like than spiritual. Both had as many diferences as they had in appearance. But amoungst them and the rest of the men in the room all personalites seemed to blend well. At about 10:30 pm all bid a good night and retired to their rooms.

The next morning all began to arrive for the days training. Day walked in with Hall and Kim. Knochenmus walked in with Shakur and Mitchell and Shepherd walked in last and began speaking to Cayer and Knochenmus. Shepherd would be stoic and watchful one moment then jovial and charming the next. Cayer, Shepherd and Knochenmus were obviously making a joke about something only known to them and burst into laughter. Ashida Kim, Day and Dwyer spoke quietly in the corner. Sensei Harris treated a few of the guests with his Chinese acupressure techniques which included Doug Dwyer’s wife. It was the same as before all were mingling and chatting. The atmosphere was friendly and jovial. New friendships and bonds had been formed among this special group of martial artists.

The class began with Dwyer instructing all were working on punches, blocking techniques and kicks with weighted hands and feet. Dwyer demonstrated some blocking techniques with Knochenmus. There were times when all would hit a move then freeze and Dwyer went thru the crowd making corrections and doing demonstrations on some. All were listening intently and doing their best to please their instructor. They continually adjusted their positions as Dwyer instructed. Dwyer would demonstrate with the weights and then put them down to execute striking techniques which were executed quickly, powerfully and accurately stopping just a hairs width from hitting Sensei Mitchell. Dwyer had captured everyone’s respect and admiration with his ability and charisma. It was understandable how he and Keehan were so close for so long.

Dwyer continually came to Shepherd to do demos it was evident that these two had fast become friends and respected each others talents and abilities. Dwyer asked Shepherd to walk across the room commented that Shepherd's posture and movement was good and that of a big cat, smooth, alert and ready to move when needed to. It was apparent that all in attendance were highly skilled. Lydia Cameron performed a technique and all instructors present nodded their heads in agreement as she initiated the action correctly.

At about 10:30 a couple of the guests announced they had to leave, so Dwyer ended class and began to mingle and take pictures. Dwyer and Day then presented Ashida with a rank certificate for 10th dan recognizing his contributions to the martial arts. Pictures continued, Shepherd struck with a since of humility had to be coerced to have his picture taken. He reluctantly agreed to all. An inside joke with Cayer was shared with he and Shepherd again and all burst into laughter. Cayer who was somewhat smaller than Shepherd was extremely comfortable with him and obviously had no quams about razzing Shepherd when the oppurtunity arose. Day and Shepherd were having a conversation and the rest of the group from the previous night found out that Shepherd and Day had foregone sleep and stayed up to the wee hours of the morning talking. Strong friendships had definitely been made.

A group picture was then taken with Gm Doug Dwyer standing next to Kim along with Harris, Day, Mitchell and Shakur all in the back while others such as Knochenmus, Mitchell, Shepherd and Lydia seated on the floor. Several Pictures were being taken when Lydia commented on the fact that Shepherd had stopped smiling and became stoic and stern again. The two shared some banter with each other that could nt be heard and Shepherd once again smiled. Another inside joke was blurted out, more pictures were taken, and the band of brothers and one sister burst into laughter.

These are the things I and Bullshido have dealt with for years. And this is why I'm the guy.