Sunday, July 27, 2008

See what you guys don't realize that I'm out of this. I don't really care I have
nothing to say. I'm sick and tired of the bullshit it will never end. I'm
writing a story on the other blog and all of it has checked out by people that
were their in the 60's and people have called my father and they have even came
here to see my father.

Billy is on his own, I hold no ill will. Samuel
Browning is just a lawyer and he's a tool, like the rest of Bullshido. If you
think that Bullshido represents the martial arts, then your seriously delusional
and you drink the kool aid.

So I'm a bad guy I gave my screen name to
Billy's friends so what big deal, grow up get over it. I got banned twice. I
posted once because of the UKI thing, so what. I only posted the first 15 pages
of the original thread and I got bored.

I've been talking to people who
actually knew John Keehan in Chicago and they don't seem to have a problem with
me at all. They have actually invited me to go their and train, and I will.

All of your conspiracy's about me are quite funny, if someone doesn't
agree with you it's Creeden. How immature and stupid do you guys sound. It was
all for fun for me thats all. Now your dealing with Billy and his friends. All
I'm gonna do is sit back and laugh, you guys and this situation isn't important
to me at all.

As for Billy he's a bone head who doesn't see the bigger picture, all he can see is $$$$$$$$$$ and thats all. I wanted to know what John Keehan was like, now threw grown up eyes.I see what he was up against. Because when I was a child I couldn't understand what was going on.

I am the bad guy like John Keehan and thats the way I wanted it. Evey step I go threw this is like what John Keehan went threw with the same assholes their were in Chicago in the 1960's. Billy betrayed me like Doug Dwyer did to John Keehan. The only thing I know is that I wasn't given my black belt.