Wednesday, July 23, 2008


SOMEONE CALLED MY FATHER LAST NIGHT AND THREATENED HIM, which is funny they seem to think that my fathers scared he started laughing. I know its not Floyd, but someone gonna get hurt. This little International geritol BDFS. Its really simple stop or its all out WAR. people want me to stop and their just starting.

We don't know were it came from and its no Billy either, you know breaking ball's is something. If I find out Barron had anything to do with it I'm gonna give him a pink belly and send him on his way.

Note: my attorney said if Floyd doesn't take down his slanderous shit on his blog then I'm putting all back up, he has 2 days. Some of it is already up. I want my name swiped clean off his blog. I don't care about court or lawyers. I was trying to be a quite, but the ramifications of all this shit doesn't bother me at all.