Thursday, June 19, 2008

To the Judges and the Lawyers Part II

From John Patricio

Of course he said absolutely ridiculous things. For example he blames Barron and I for starting trouble, yet his blog is full of things like that fake sex offender ID he created with my photo, never mind all the other false defaming lies. He even lies and says he didn't call anyones mother, yet we already know he admitted to having the "Dixie Boys" do it for him. I guess he doesn't realize that is the same thing.

Creeden, if your partner is robbing a bank and kills someone and your only involvement is that you were in the car as the get-away driver... you will still be charged with murder the same as the guy who pulled the trigger. Do you not understand that? Just because you didn't make the call yourself doesn't mean you are not guilty.

I think something may have happened to make him realize that the lawyers and judge was looking at the blog and the other forums. It sounds like he is desperately trying to clear his name in all this. Unfortunately, he has said way to much (especially here) and the judge is going to see right through his crap.

Some people just don't get it. the judge also see other things like this and Hooker killing, drug arrests, arrest records which for some of us are quite long. And opening a fraudulent blog and giving some elses property. People need to listen to others.

I've seen the error of my ways, but some people just don't learn that it works both ways. Am I listening yes I am. Some people think that their not in hot water their wrong.

Oh yes the Dixie Boys, a confederate outfit in Mississippi. They don't exzist.Well in 1861 they did. They were are rebel band of confederates. Why don't Barron go to the cops or show the phone records. Because their weren't any!!!!!!!!!! lol

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