Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I re-opened the blog because so many people were sending me messages or invites, it became a pain in the ass. I'm gonna address people separetely.

1. Floyd Webb, hey Floyd you know what went on . When Billy sent the DCMA takedown you called my father twice that day. And then I called you at home to tell you that I had nothing to do with it. But you seemed not to believe me at all. See I don't care what happens at all. I don't really care what happens with court. I really laugh at all of this John Keehan would be proud. Lawyers are like Mushrooms feed them shit and keep them in the dark.

Also your motion 114 it states you bought the footage, how the hell did that happen. Barron Shepperd in motion 8 states that he bought footage. So their is a little screw up on your part. No signatures no sale sorry.

2. Darrel Simon, The Jawney thing is funny, but the tree house thing considering were you live 6 million people in your state but only 4 last names.

3. John Patricio, John why the hell would I make up you got paid, why would I do that, how the hell would I know. Barron Shepperd told me that you were betraying Billy how would I know that Patricio. The only thing I know is this Barron was telling the truth. Maybe not the the 7500 but you got something and you came at Billy hard. Like I knew about hooker killing's and the drugs you were busted with. And how would I know about your involvement. So you think I'm clairvoinant