Tuesday, June 17, 2008


People seem to think that I'm the only one writing this blog. A couple of weeks ago I recieved a cease and desist from Billy. I could careless about all of this. But people slander people and expect nothing to happen to them and its consequences such as.

The Purchased FootageJohn Creeden, Jr, a direct student of Count Dante was offered $1000.00 for footage he shot of Count Dante and he accepted that offer and was paid. The investor paid $500.00 upfont for the footage site unseen. Meanwhile, his son, John Creeden, III talked to the investor and did what he could to try to change the initial deal by adding some printed materials. The investor was disappointed in the footage because it was clearly shot from a TV screen with a video camera. Due to John Creeden III's unprofessional behavior he made a decision not to go into business with him.

Late Night Calls to 81 year old mothers?Part of the investors decision was triggered by someone making a call to the investors 81 year old mother in the middle of the night telling "your son is dead." We do not know who made the call, we levelled no accusations. But it came after a heated argument between the investor and John Creeden III who told him how long his arms could reach and his associations with the Irish Mafia in Florida. This was deleted from my blog a few days ago. But I am putting it back after seeing John Creeden III announced online I gave someone $7500.00 for images I got off of http://archive.org. He says he is going for a job in law enforcement. Go figure.

So Floyd Webb slandered me way before people started this blog, but nobody is holding Floyd Webb accountable for his slander with out proof.

Nobody is holding Mike Felkoff accountable for the death threats that Billy got from him during several phone calls in 07.

Nor John Patricios gay porno.And him calling a Rhode Island State Trooper, threatening a child. What made him do that is beyond me.

I decided to start another blog controlled by me and me alone , http://john-keehan.blogspot.com/ were I'm gonna put all the information from my father and the mail -order business and the secret and situations involving Keehan and Chicago during the formulation of the WKF and the BDFS. The only thing I know that I'm protected by the Consitution of the United States, and freedom of speech.

Floyds lawyers if I know lawyers are probably up in arms over these posts.