Tuesday, June 17, 2008


People seem to think that me and Billy are in some type of conspiracy. This is not the case at all. I don't agree with all the stuff thats going on . I'm the only one who is taking the heat. People threatening and talking smack especially from Patricio and Shepperd their the ones who have been the biggest trouble makers. One Billys best friend for 20 years and Shepperd who is related to Radford Davis and own his property , it all goes to show that both sides that if everyone stayed out of this. Then a deal between Billy and Floyd in 05 would have happened. But Patricio and Shepperd were poisoning Floyd Webb way before I was involved. I wasn't involved until 2007. And the footage that was supposely shot off a TV screen was not shot off a TV screen. It was 1st generation it was changed to Black and White for the DVD in 2001. Billy knew that when he put it out. It would be stolen and this whole situation proves it.

What I would really like is my name taken off Floyd Webb's blog .http://johnkeehan.blogspot.com/
1.This guy Timmy Cabral called Floyd a "coon" I got blamed for that. Guys I have a black uncle thats why I pulled the plug on Bullshido. And 75% of my friends are black.
2. John Patricio said on line that Billy killed hookers I got blamed for that
3. Calling Barron Shepperd mother in the middle of the night, I defintely didn't do that. I definteely want that cleared up in court. I want the phone records, facts
4. And now this Matt and UKI thing not me at all, really I can't be bothered with this circus.
They'll all say it is me, but who cares. I know what I've done and this stuff isn't me

I always wanted to work with Floyd Webb and I still do. I was the one who sought him out against Billys advice. See Billy never told me about e-mails from Shepperd stating that he bought Ashida Kim's stuff for 1000 dollars. I didn't know what this was all about. I didn't even see Billy until 2007 the last time I saw Billy was 1988. Their was alot of things going on in the school that my father didn't agree with so he left.

It goes to show that Radford Davis and Shepperd were out to screw Billy over and who ever was in their way to defraud the BDFS . I have several recorded phone calls pertaining to Shepperd and how he wanted to place my father as the head of the International BDFS that Felkoff runs now. My father smelled a rat especially when Shepperd said he never knew who Ashida kim was.

Now this is what pissed me off the slander started first with Floyd Webb's post

The Purchased FootageJohn Creeden, Jr, a direct student of Count Dante was offered $1000.00 for footage he shot of Count Dante and he accepted that offer and was paid. The investor paid $500.00 upfont for the footage site unseen. Meanwhile, his son, John Creeden, III talked to the investor and did what he could to try to change the initial deal by adding some printed materials. The investor was disappointed in the footage because it was clearly shot from a TV screen with a video camera. Due to John Creeden III's unprofessional behavior he made a decision not to go into business with him.

Late Night Calls to 81 year old mothers?Part of the investors decision was triggered by someone making a call to the investors 81 year old mother in the middle of the night telling "your son is dead." We do not know who made the call, we levelled no accusations. But it came after a heated argument between the investor and John Creeden III who told him how long his arms could reach and his associations with the Irish Mafia in Florida. This was deleted from my blog a few days ago. But I am putting it back after seeing John Creeden III announced online I gave someone $7500.00 for images I got off of http://archive.org. He says he is going for a job in law enforcement. Go figure.

I want them to go to the authorities so we can clear this up once and for all. What I want is the phone records from Shepperd's mother phone. And then my name would be cleared and the harassment from them on-line would stop. On June 8 2007 I had a phone call from Webb stating that he said its wasn't me who called someones mother. I told Webb that no one else knows about this transaction. So he deleted a post and then I mentioned on count dante.com that Floyd gave Patricio 7500 dollars for paperwork that Patricio had for a book with Billy. This is what Shepperd told me to probably entice me into a deal. And all hell broke loose, but then patricio had their e-mails and then opened the http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/1bdfs/ were he gave Floyd Webb exclusive Flyers that no one had. Floyd states that he got it from the wayback machine. No way it is a lie.

So if Floyd can say on the 1bdfs board that Aguiar is busted. And Patricio stated that he was killing hookers, that actually involved a Rhode Island State Trooper. And Barron Shepperd stating that someone calls his so called mother{ we still don't know if the women is still alive} then we have the right to fight fire with fire so to speak.

I have started another blog http://john-keehan.blogspot.com/ were my father will tell his story about John. Considering that he ran the WKF and the BDFS for almost 19 years and was Johns personal friend. And all their legal issues back then. My father put the mail order business together with John Keehan.

Also the Bertrauix post is really the truth. The lawyers need to check these links.

I want the Judge and the Lawyers to make their own decisions. I've known about Bertrauix and Lully way before any of you ever heard of them. I'm not the only one who is on Billys side of things their are alot of people hear watching in the shadows so to speak. And some of them are coming out of the wood work now and then to disrupt the proceedings. Federal court is no joke guys.

Billy is on his own when it pertains to this whole mess. Isn't it funny that Billy hasn't said nothing or has he.
Floyd I would like to apologize for any hurt or mistrust you may have felt towards me. I really sorry for some of the thing and how they work out. Like I said call my father or a lawyer can. You would be intrested in the way things worked out. I'm done with Billy I got a cease and desist order from him to separate himself from me. I have changed the passwords to this blog so it will not happen again.
None of this would have ever happened if you didn't introduce me to Barron Shepperd and you didn't tell me that he bought Ashida Kims intelluctual property and copyright. And their a story of a e-mail coming out of Billys from me that didn't happen.
I will put information on the blog I'm running here http://john-keehan.blogspot.com/.