Sunday, July 27, 2008


Oh and here is a response to Jawney:

Come on man!!! You have busted balls here so much and then you give Sam shit on your blog? Firstly you censor your shit so you are a hypocrite to call Sam for a legitimate Ban... What if I want to comment on your blogg Jawney? Open your blogg up to scrutiny at the very least... its only fair.

SEcond Sam and others here have tried to give you every benefit of the doubt and you still shit on this place?

Why don't you be cooperative and use a screen name and express your perspective legitimately? Instead of slandering people, letting jerk offs use your screen name (including Billy), and other shit that you don't want to take responsability for.

Seriously, and I don't intend on alienating you but grow the fuck up and consider joining the human race, its never too late.

Okay, since I don't have regular puter access can someone provide a link to Billy's last known post so I can get his user name? Then I will talk to my fellow staff about sending a new password to the e-mail that was used to register that account.

Then if Creeden somehow starts posting a billy I will then ban Billy's reactivated account.