Thursday, May 8, 2008


This guy is fuck out of his mind , and if you read you will find out that Barron Shepperd and Radford Davis were dismissed for personal jurisdiction. Not for lack of evidence Billy has every right to bring them back only if it pleaded properly.

Also their are alot of talk about Billy and a lawyer , go ask Floyd what he spent , even at a reduced rate he spent a good 25, 000. I told Billy litigation like this can run you up to 100,000 dollars and climbing.

See Floyd will be fucked with out Fair Use , like I said see if he likes it when it happen to him. When someone takes his shit..
Don't worry Barron and Radford , Billy will be coming to your jurisdiction. So once again Radford Davis proves he is a snake and a fake martial artist.
Also its really funny to me that John Patricio back Ashida Kim now , John you spoke of Joey you want me to talk about your mother I heard some good stories about her in Coppers , she was well known on the street if you know what I mean. You have a cemetary of secrets John to bad Mark W. isn't around to see how you have become R.I.P.