Saturday, May 10, 2008


An friend of mine who hates martial arts fags like Barron Shepperd and Radford Davis sent me this this morning. Seems that Barron lies and hes back in business with Ashida Kim / Radford Davis this will be used to prove that their are in league with one another.

Scum bags that they are. Also Floyd keep my fuckin name out of your mouth , it doesn't matter if you losers speak about me. Its seems that everybody else is listening and thats all that matters. Your asshole must have puckered up when they told you that Billy had a lawyer.

The e-mails that I get in support is great and all I'm doing is writing the truth. Theirs alot of things in the wind the winds of change are blowing. And your not within Fair Use the jury is still not ruled on that , so shut the fuck up and keep my name out of your mouth , Boy.