Saturday, May 10, 2008



I'll tell you why Billy invoked his 5th Amendment plea , because Floyd Webb is trying to mix me and Billy together. What did you think you were trying to do Floyd. You got your wish Floyd now I'm involved.

1. "Get a vest and a shotgun" , Hahahahaha , thats what Dante / Keehan did when he was in the last days of his so called life . You have the balls to use that , this is a laugh.

2. "Gonna end up in a split level coffin" HHAAAAAHHHAAAAA , Thats what the O'Bannion brothers did in Chicago they owned a flowershop on the west side of Chicago , and they use to put the bodies in another coffin. So good luck with that one.

O'Banion, Charles Dion b. July 8, 1892 d. November 10, 1924Irish-American Gangster. He was the head of the North Side Gang in Chicago during the bootlegging wars of the 1920s. Until his death he was the leader of the gang that was the chief rival of the South Side Gang lead by Johnny Torrio and also included Al Capone. O'Banion ran his operation out of the Scofield Flower Co. across the street from the Holy Name Cathedral where he had once sung as a choir boy. He was brought down via a double-cross that he had perpetrated on South Side leader...[Read More] (Bio by: Selk)Cause of death: Mutliple gunshots

Good luck your gonna need it. In this so-called judgement the lawyers even says that their is no merit to the so-called threats, but they brought it to the court attention. This is all Floyd has trying to tie everybody in a scheme but it isn't gonna work. Floyd Webb has no case now , his use of the footage will be Beverly limited.