Monday, December 31, 2007

Anton Levay and John Keehan and Religion

YouRemove Formatting from selection think its Keehan it's not it's Anton Levay heres the picture that i had but its on the internet here to prove to you who it is. Their a un-canny resemblance it looks like he did his hair and make-up for the pictures. Yes they new each other. Levay loved Keehan like I said about the other cast of characters in Chicago. Keehan take on religion is off kilter darkness but their is light also. Keehan has several ordination's in the catholic religions and he wanted to buy a church here in Fall River Massachusetts. I hope it wasn't for tax status. I don't think so he turned to religion after Konsevic's death . He lost his best friend and it really changed him. But as i read threw the info he make reference to Jacques De Molay the Founder of the Knights Templars