Thursday, December 13, 2007

Floyd Webbs infringement

The criminal infringement is extensive Floyd Webb doesn't follow fair Use. He doesn't take a small piece of someones production he take the whole production. I would like to shine some clarity on the issue. The footage my father is in it can use it , Shot by John F Creeden Jr he says you can't use it , and its copyrighted. To take a few frames would be on thing but to take the entire production to cut up the books and to make for peofit trailers from it is something else.

People say who's behind you and i think who is and then i laugh who's behind me EVERYBODY who owns copyright. Would Floyd Webb like it if someone took his whole production and cut it up for profit. i think not he would be pissed.

Floyd think he can go in cpurt and make this speech about being called a racial slur and this extensive harrasement he's out of his mind. All the judge cares about is COPYRIGHT and thats all. No one has harrassed more people than Floyd Webb .

This is between me and Floyd and no one else. He's just afraid of being made to look like a thief .